The spring meeting of our Eastern Ladies’ League was held the evening of April 23, 1964, at our Hope church. 

We began our meeting with the singing of our theme song, Psalter No. 374:1, 2, 5, and Psalm 256. Our president, Mrs. J. Kuiper, read from II Cor. 6:11-18, and verse I of chapter 7, after which Rev. R. Harbach offered prayer. 

A trio from our Southeast Ladies’ Society sang for us two selections, “Nearer My God to Thee,” and “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” 

Mrs. Kuiper then introduced the speaker for the evening, Rev. R. Harbach. He chose for his topic: “Personal Dedication and Consecration.” The speech was divided into three parts: “What,” “How,” “Why.” 

Consecration has been completed by God for us. We have been sanctified by Christ on the Cross. It has been realized in every believer through the work of Christ. We were baptized with Christ in his death, united with Christ in his burial and in his resurrection; that is walking in newness of life; united with Christ in his ascension, we are raised together with Christ. Consecration to God is on separation from evil, “Come out from among them and be separate.” God’s children must not compromise. Dedication is our separating ourselves unto God. 

How! A personal use of the Bible daily. We must search the Scriptures. We must have fellowship with God. Have sympathy one with another, and strive together for the faith of the Gospel. Be a good example to each other in good works. Our great comfort is that the Lord is our God. Dedication and Consecration means a submission to God’s will. Through much tribulation we enter heaven. 

The glorification of God is the chief end to which man must strive. God is our chief and only good, Psalter No. 27. The Word of God is the standard, faith is the motive, and our incentive is that we know we shall be saved in the day of Jesus Christ. In the way of this life we must be busy, Answers 55 & 86 of the Catechism. We must be a separate people. We have comfort in knowing that the victory is ours in Christ. 

The minutes of the Fall League meeting were read, roll call was taken, and the treasurer’s report given. 

While we sang Psalter No. 251 a collection was taken for our Hope and Adams Schools.

We then enjoyed an organ and piano duet, given by ladies of our Hope Church who played, “How great Thou Art,” “The Unveiled Christ,” “Trust in the Lord.” 

The meeting was closed with singing Psalter No. 250:1, 2, 5, and prayer by our President.

Refreshments were served and a social hour was enjoyed by everyone.

Mrs. H. Velthouse, Reporter.