The spring meeting of the Ladies’ League of the Protestant Reformed Churches was held April 19, 1962 at Southwest Protestant Reformed Church.

Miss Helen Vanden Engel played an organ prelude after which our meeting was opened with the singing of our theme song, Psalter No. 374 verses 1, 2, and 5.Psalm 118:11 was sung in the Holland language. Our president, Mrs. D. Jonker then read from Rev. 21:1-14, 22-27, after which she led us in prayer.

A word of welcome was extended to all present.

The first number on the program was a vocal duet entitled, “Each Step I Take.” It was sung by two ladies from our Grand Haven Church, Mrs. F. Peterson and Miss Dorothy Vander Ley, accompanied by Miss Karlene Oomkes at the piano.

Miss Vanden Engel played a piano solo entitled “Jesu—Joy of Man’s Desiring.”

The president then introduced our speaker, Rev. C. Hanko, who spoke on “The New Heaven and the New Earth.” A brief summary is as follows:

All the hope of all believers of all ages has been fixed on that new heaven and new earth. All prophecy of Scripture will be fulfilled, all promises attained, all longings of all saints will be satisfied and the glory of God will be fully revealed.

1. A glorious creation—There will be a new heaven and a new earth, nevertheless, it will be related to the old because it will come forth out of the old creation. As based on Rev. 21, there will be no more sea, means all separation will be gone and everything will be brought into one. As related to our bodies, corruption must put on incorruption.

2. A glorious people—Christ had to go to the cross also to redeem the angel world. Wicked have no place in the redemptive plan of God. By a wonder of grace we may look forward to being in that city as described in Revelation of the New Jerusalem. Then we will be in the very presence of God. Then we will fully understand when God says, “I will be your God and ye shall be my people.”

3. A glorious life—God’s life from Christ in us so that we may live unto Him, always in covenant communion with God, experiencing his approval, enjoying his blessings with Christ and all His saints. We will know each other in the Lord as members of the body of Christ. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” I Cor. 9:2.

After this very instructive and comforting speech we sang Psalter No. 303 during which a collection was taken for Adams St. and Hope Protestant Reformed Schools.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and roll call revealed all societies were represented.

We were favored again with a vocal duet entitled, “Oh What Love.”

Four ladies from “Ladies’ Aid” of First Church took part in a panel discussion on the subject of the second coming of Christ. Many informative passages of Scripture were read to explain:

1. The fact of His coming.

2. Times and signs of His coming.

3. In what manner?

4. Purpose of His return.

5. What should our attitude be?

Miss Vanden Engel played two more selections on the piano.

The president thanked all who had taken part on the program and those who served refreshments. We sang Psalter No. 32, the last verse after which Mrs. J. Oomkes closed with prayer.

Surely we all enjoyed an evening in Christian fellowship and pray that God may continue to bless us and grant us grace to be faithful until the day He calls us to join the saints in glory to praise and magnify His name through all eternity.

Mrs. Peter Decker, Reporter