On the warm, windy afternoon of April 22 the Doon, Edgerton and Hull women left their household duties to spend an afternoon of fellowship in the Doon church. Our meeting was opened with a few Psalter numbers, Eccl. 10:12- Eccl. 11 was read and prayer by our president, Mrs. G. Broekhouse. After the previous minutes and treasurer’s report were given, our new officers were elected which are, Mrs. W. Kooiker, president; Mrs. Dick Bleyenberg, secretary and Mrs. Egbert Gritters, vice-all. The offering then taken was for The Standard Bearer amounting to $25.90.

We were then favored with a speech by Rev. Woudenberg on the theme, “Christian Armor,” chosen from Eph. 6:10­-18. He spoke on “how we live in a spiritual evil day espe­cially for the soul, that there is an abundance for the flesh such as materialism, wealth, etc., immorality, spiritual in­difference, a day of idolatry. That our adversary is the very devil himself, one who has lived in heaven and cast to the earth, setting himself against the church, seeking to destroy our spiritual life. He has false prophets whose most subtle way to wage war in the general spirit of worldly-mindedness that settles around us in conversations, friends, business, etc., soaking up our thoughts and interests. Now when we examine ourselves do we wonder how the church can endure. He went on to show us the armor that the Roman soldier put on to endure the battle, such as the girdle, breastplate, sandals, shield, helmet and sword. In this light he showed how the Christian soldier must endure the blows of our ad­versary by putting on the truth that fits as a girdle. That truth is God, and can be known and had only in the knowl­edge of God. To this truth attach the breastplate of right­eousness which we have in Jesus Christ. That righteousness secures and merits our friendship with God. If God be for us who can be against us. Then put on the shoes of the gospel of peace, that promise of God revealed to the church that keeps us ready for battle, gives us strength and courage to stand. With the peace of God we can go forth boldly ready to fight the battle of the Lord. To this armor we add the shield of faith, warding off the attacks of the enemy, the lie. Then the helmet of salvation, the covering of our life, the work which God has provided sending the spirit into the soul that we have been redeemed from our sin. Last we add the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God which God brings into our heart enabling us to believe. This is the spiritual strength the whole armor of God, all serves to keep and protect us. Armament which we have in Jesus Christ, providing full protection of life which the church and family and we must put on. We have them by grace, and must learn how to use and wear them. We have to feed our lives and be busy using these blessings that we may grow and become more adept to fight the battle of faith. We as mothers must instruct our children how to use these so the church may go on fighting and conquering, taking up the armaments, wear­ing it and fighting wearing it in the cause of Jesus Christ.” Hull gave a number consisting of a vocal duet. Then we were favored by Rev. Woudenberg leading the question hour in place of Rev. Van Baren, who was absent due to church visitation. The questions answered were: Whether it is better to marry or stay single according to I Cor. 7:34. Does Heb. 6:4 teach the falling away of saints? Explain II Sam. 23:5.

The Edgerton women presented a panel discussion on “Corporal Punishment in our Schools.”

Our meeting was closed with singing, and prayer by Rev. Woudenberg. Doon served us a delicious lunch. All in all we had a wonderful afternoon of Christian fellowship and might go home once again refreshed to take up our duties.

Mrs. George Hoekstra, reporter