The, Ladies’ League meeting was held October 22 at our Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. The meeting was opened by singing Psalter No. 30 andPsalm 42:1. Our president Mrs. M. Schipper read I Peter 3:1-17 and I Tim. 2:9-15 and offered prayer. 

After being introduced our speaker, Rev. A. Muldkr, spoke on the topic, “The Place of Christian Women in Christian Service.” 

Under the thought of the “Christian Woman and Her Position,” we were told to first understand the home, the product of the union of male and female, which must be looked upon as a oneness. Here the children respect and give obedience to the parents and the wife to the husband. She helps and serves him and on her hinges the welfare of the home. In many respects she is superior to her husband by surpassing him in beauty, dedication, devotion, thoughtfulness, self-control and self-denial. 

By reason of creation, the husband is primary, the woman secondary and her position is inferior to the man, being created for him. In the world she claims equality and sometimes becomes dictatorial. Even Christian women often try to rule the home and influence their husbands in the church. 

Under the thought of “The Place of the Woman in Christian Service,” we learned that her place is primarily in the home being a mother and instructing the children in God’s Word. Not only bearing children, but rearing them also. Each child is a big responsibility and older children cannot be neglected. 

In church we must be submissive to the men placed in the rule. In subjection and modesty we can teach, Sunday school and in society may lead, pray and discuss freely. We must be modest in dress and adornment, wearing on the outside what we find inside. 

If we live according to all this we are a picture of how the church stands in submission over against her head Jesus Christ. 

Even though having a position of inferiority we bring forth the man-child and are the mothers of life and are saved in child bearing. 

During the singing of Psalter No. 360 a collection was taken that was divided between Hope and Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian Schools. A report on the activities of the Holland Ladies’ Society was given by Mrs.: J. Van Kampen and special numbers were given by a quartet from First Church Ladies’ Aid. The business of the evening was taken care of and the new officers were introduced. After singing Psalter No. 374 our retiring vice-president, Mrs. Vander Wal, closed with prayer. Refreshments were served in the basement. 

Mrs. R. Clawson, Reporter