On the evening of April 21, 1960, our spring meeting of the Ladies’ League of Protestant Reformed Churches was held at South West Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Our meeting was opened by singing Psalter number 365 and Dutch Psalm 89 verse 1. In the absence of our President, Mrs. M. Schipper, our Vice-President, Mrs. C. Hanko read from Hebrews 4. She then introduced our speaker, Prof. H. C. Hoeksema, who also opened the meeting with prayer. 

Prof. Hoeksema spoke on the theme: “The Sabbath and Our Covenant Children.” Our speaker divided his speech under three points: I. The Idea of the Sabbath. II. The Proper Keeping of the Sabbath. III. Our Covenant Children and the Sabbath. 

I. Sabbath means rest as read in Hebrews 4. It means to cease from our labors. We must not confuse Sabbath rest with idleness. We must not be idle. Idleness is devil’s work kitchen and it isn’t good for children to be idle. We must positively refrain from labor on the Sabbath as a means to the end. We must fill our whole life spiritually with rest. God is a God of rest. God provided rest in the covenant to serve Him. He is our God and we are His people and He blesses us and takes us up in Covenant Life. 

II. Our whole life must be a Keeping of the Sabbath. In every sphere of life we must manifest ourselves in the world that we are people of the living God. That we live as Children of light from the Principle of Regeneration, also as we have it in the fourth commandment from the catechism that all the days of our life we cease from evil works. God provides one day of the week to rest from our labors. Together with God’s people to hear His Word and testimony and concentrate our thoughts on things above. 

III. Our covenant children have a principle of the Sabbath in their young hearts. If they didn’t have, you couldn’t train them. The child must develop that principle of the Sabbath, trained and guided and under regulation of the parents. This teaching must begin at home. If the parents find the Sabbath a joy the child will have the same attitude. We must teach them early to set that day apart. We must take them early by the hand to God’s house regularly and diligently and urge them to take some of the sermon home with them. 

On the Sabbath day, we should teach them their Catechism, Sunday School, Bible memory work, and proper reading of our Church-papers. If we do these things on the Sabbath and teach our children these things, our lives will be abundantly fruitful. We will have rest along the way, and our hope will be strengthened. A rest remains, therefore, for the people of God. Let us celebrate the Sabbath until presently we enter into the Eternal Rest. 

After this inspiring speech, we were favored by a trio from Southeast Church. 

During the singing of Psalter Number 71, a collection was taken for The Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights. Mrs. N. Kunz from Creston Church gave a report of the activities of their society. 

A short business meeting followed which consisted of reading of the minutes by our secretary, Mrs. J. Kuiper. Roll call revealed all our churches were represented and one visitor from Kalamazoo. Mrs. E. Kooienga gave a treasurer’s report. 

The trio again sang another number. Mrs. C. Hanko thanked all those who took part in the program and the hostesses, the Southwest and Holland Ladies’ Societies. We sang our theme song, Psalter Number 374. Mrs. D. Jonker closed our meeting with prayer. Refreshments were served in the basement. 

Mrs. Bernard Windemuller, Reporter