The Rev. Gerrit Vos opens the meeting with prayer after the brethren sing a psalter number and the chairman reads Gen. 28. From the credentials coming to the table of Classis it appears that ten consistories are represented with nineteen delegates. Bellflower was absent with the opening but the Rev. L. Doezema came in the afternoon, having experienced travelling difficulties.

The Rev. Blankespoor assumes the presidency and Rev. Vos masters the minutes. Advisory vote is extended to Rev. L. Vermeer who visits with us. Minutes of the previous meeting are read and their transcription approved. Church visitors are called upon for their report. The Calif, churches ask the report delayed until the afternoon when Rev. Doezema shall have arrived. Manhattan as yet had no visit, due to illness on the part of the brother who was to conduct the church visitation there. For the Iowa-Minn. churches Revs. Blankespoor and Gritters report and the report is favorable. The committee in re Synodical assessments is called upon for report but the committee had nothing to report. Committee is continued. Rev. Lubbers reports for the sermon committee, not all the sermons asked for have come in and the supply is low.

Comes now the matter in re brother H. H. Kuiper. The Classis of two years ago had stipulated certain conditions which the brother should meet before his candidacy could be accepted. The committee appointed by the last Classis has finished its work and reports that all the conditions have been met. There comes also testimonies and affidavits anent this matter. As result the Classis decides as follows: “That brother H. H. Kuiper be re-instated as minister of the Word on the basis of the testimony of Mayo Clinic and the affidavit of the doctor from Elk River. . . . but inasmuch as the brother has lived and is now living without the pale of our churches for certain economical reasons, amendment is made that the Classis declare that brother H. H. Kuiper’s candidacy shall not commence until he has returned within the pale of our churches, so that he regularly may worship with us.” Amendment et al accepted.

A committee is appointed to regulate classical supply for Orange City. After which we adjourn for the dinner hour. Elder J. Dokter closing with prayer.

Afternoon Session

The Rev. P. Vis opens the meeting with prayer after classis sings from Psalter 110. Elder Katje from Orange City arrives to take his place at Classis. Classis decides to acquaint Classis East with our decision anent brother H. H. Kuiper case. Classical committee renders its report by mouth of Rev. Blankespoor. Rev. Doezema arrives to take his place. This brother thereupon renders the church-visitation report for the congregations Redlands and Bellflower. Report favorable. A minister from our midst, Rev. Blankespoor has accepted the call to Doon. Classis reads and approves the credentials.

Now the Stated Clerk reads the report of a Synodical committee on the matter of synodically supervised radio broadcasting. The Classis passed the following decision: “Inasmuch as this matter does not come to Classis in the legal way, Classis declares same to be out of order and that on the basis of D.K.O. Art. 30.”

The consistories of Sioux Center, Pella and Hull bring to the Classis certain instructions in re the matter of Camp Pastor. After reading the various instructions Classis decides to appoint a committee composed of the three ministers with whose consistories the instructions originated, namely, Revs. Gritters, Lubbers and Cammenga, plus two elders, N. Kimm and A. Katje. This committee is requested to formulate an overture to the forthcoming Synod. After adjourning for a while and the committee, going into study of this thing the report comes back to the floor of Classis and Classis decides as follows: “That the Missionary consider our military camps as his first field of labor.” Herewith follow also: The Grounds:

1. “The injunction of Christ to preach the Gospel to every creature places upon our shoulders the responsibility of carrying our preaching activities also into this realm.”

2. “The reformed heritage, the conception of God’s sovereignty, is the lofty and comforting message which we should exert ourselves to carry to the men in the camps in these perilous times. What should lend special incentive for this work is that we are provided with a great and comparatively easy accessible field, where as churches, we may truly labor in missionary activity, being by grace a sweet savor to God both in those who are lost and those who are saved.” The Incentive: “We deem that the following should be a sufficient incentive for this type of missionary work: 1. The testimony of our men in service who testily of the value and the need of this work, and appreciate this type of work done by other denominations.

2. The testimony of the Chief of Chaplains of the 7th Corps Area of Omaha, we quote, ‘Itinerant evangelists, well equipped and bearers of a solid religious message would be an asset to any post or camp.’

3. Also that by carrying our doctrine to these young men we carry it to the coming generation and thus shall there be seeds sown in many fields”. . . .

Accepted by Classis to overture.

The Rev. J. Vander Breggen leaves the meeting because of illness. Classis adjourns until 7 o’clock. Rev. De Wolf closes this session with prayer.

Evening Session:

Classis now treats the matter of subsidies and decides to overture subsidy according to the following advices: Bellflower $500; Orange City $900 (with) $300 (without pastor); Rock Valley $350 with advice to raise pastor’s salary to $1200; Doon $900 with advice to raise pastor’s salary to $1200; Pella $700; Manhattan $300; Sioux Center $250 with advice to raise pastor’s salary to $1300.

Classis decides to hold its next regular meeting in Rock Valley, Sept 1, 1943.

Supply for Orange City scheduled as follows: Mar. 14, Cammenga; Mar. 28, Vis; Apr. 11, Verhil, 25, Gritters; May 9, Blankespoor; 23, Vander Breggen; June 6, Lubbers; 20, Cammenga; July 4, Verhil; 18, Vis; Aug. 1, Gritters; 15, Blankespoor; 29, Vander Breggen.

Classis proceeded to vote its delegations to the next Synod: Result:


Primi                             Secundi

Wm. Verhil                    G.  Lubbers

A. Cammenga                J.  Blankespoor

M. Gritters                     P.  Vis

G. Vos                           H.  De Wolf


Primi                              Secundi

H. Kuiper                        Wm. Vis

T. Kooima                       A.Katje

C. Vander Molen              J. Dokter

J. De Vries                      J. Kuiper

The various consistories respond to the questions of DKO 41, one consistory asks advice concerning a certain matter and it is given. Classis decides to request the Rev. Doezema to do church visitation at Manhattan at his coming to Classis next Sept. Rev. Vos alternate Classis also advises the ministers who failed to send in sermons to the sermon committee to do this within the next two months.

After expressing gratitude at the peace and unity which prevailed at our classis meeting the chairman calls upon Rev. Verhil to close the meeting with prayer.

M. Gritters, S. C.