Morning Session

Rev. Verhil conducts the usual opening exercises after which the credential let­ters are brought to the table. It appears that there are delegations from all the consistories with the exception of Bell­flower, whose delegates were not able to attend, and Redlands. A letter was read from Rev. Vos expressing his regrets that due to a death in his congregation he could not be present.

Rev. P. Vis assumes the presidency for the day and Rev. Verhil masters the minutes. The committee anent the Testi­mony to certain churches has finished its work of distributing its former report, in mimeographed writing, to the various consistories and the consistories report on their conclusions. Classis decides to return the material proper to the same committee asking them to add further details and to classify the churches as much as possible according to categories, and to report at the next meeting if pos­sible. Church visitors are called upon for their report. The California visitors as well as Manhattan are not pre­sent to give reports, committee for Man­hattan continued. Rev. Cammenga reports for the mid-western churches.

Then the Classis proceeded to vote its delegates to the forthcoming synod and the voting resulted in delegations as fol­lows:


Primi: J. Blankespoor, H. De Wolf, L. Doezema, P. Vis

Secundi: M. Gritters, W. Verhil, G. Lubbers, A. Cammenga


Primi: J. De Koekkoek, J. Broek, H. Kuiper, C. Vander Molen

Secundi: G. Blankespoor, De Vries, N. Kimm, Kooima

Afternoon Session

Rev. Petter opens the meeting with prayer. First on the table is the matter of subsidies for the church. Since no questionnaires have been distributed to the consistories, some requests have been entered and some not, it is decided that the requests which have been entered be treated, by the committee, Rev. Petter, Elders Kimm and Pelskamp. The other consistories to be contacted through the Classis Committee, they to send their applications to Rev. A. Cammenga of Hull, Iowa.

Come now overtures from Hull and Edgerton in re synodical meetings once every two years instead of annually. It is decided to so overture the Synod and upon said grounds. Also an instruction from Oskaloosa anent synodical assess­ments and Classis decides to appoint a committee to look into this matter and present advice later. The personnel of this committee is Rev. Verhil and elders G. Blankespoor and T. Kooima.

Hull presents another overture, this one dealing with the travelling expenses for our classical meetings. A committee is appointed to work out this matter and report at the September meeting. This committee composed of the Revs. Lub­bers and Petter and the elder Rijken. Pella asks a collection in the churches of this classis and this is granted. Edger­ton invites the Classis to meet there the next time, Classis decides to accept this invitation and to meet there the second Wednesday in September 1942, the Lord willing.

The Stated Clerk now reads a com­munication from a brother concerning a consistory matter. With this there is read also a protest from three breth­ren also in re a consistory action as well as a statement of declaration from still another brother. Together with this there came also an answer from the consistory involved. It was decided to give this entire matter into the hands of a committee, this committee to serve the Classis with advice. The committee appointed was as follows: Revs. Cam­menga, Lubbers, Gritters, Verhil and Elders: De Koekkoek and H. Kuiper. Classis decides to adjourn until tomor­row morning.

Thursday Morning Session

Classis convenes with prayer and sing­ing. Roll call reveals that a few dele­gates are absent. The aforesaid com­mittee now renders its report. Together with its formal advice it reports that all the parties involved had consented to the advice and the matter brought to a satisfactory conclusion. Classis adopt­ed the advice as its own.

The committee on subsidies gives its report together with its subsidy-data. Classis decides to overture Synod to grant subsidy as follows: Pella $600; Manhattan $300; Rock Valley $350; Orange City $800. Other consistories to contact the Rev. Cammenga as soon as possible with their applications.

Classical circuit-questions according to Art. 41 follow. A consistory asks for light on a certain matter and Classis gives advice.

After reading of the rough minutes Rev. Verhil closes with prayer.

Next Classical meeting at Edgerton. September 9, 1942, D. V.

M. GRITTERS, Stated Clerk