The Rev. S. Cammenga, pres. of the last Classis opened the session. The roll-call revealed every congregation to be represented with two delegates, ex­cept Redlands and Manhattan, with one each. Rev. P. De Boer took the chair and Rev. S. Cammenga kept the minutes for this session of Classis. The minutes of the last meeting were read and their recording approved. The church visitors for the Calif. churches report that they have done their work and their report on the visit is accepted. The Classical Comm. also renders its report. Then came the report of the Sermon Com­mittee, that is, the committee which seeks to gather sermons for reading purposes. In connection with this re­port, and after lengthy discussion, Clas­sis decides to have each minister send up three sermons, two English, one Dutch, between now and Jan. 1; these sermons to be mimeographed and seven­ty bound copies to be made available for the consistories. The entire mat­ter is placed in the hands of the present sermon committee, Revs. Blankespoor and Vis. To the table came also a com­munication from the Rev. H. De Wolf, expressing his farewell to Classis West and his best wishes to her in all her labors. A consistory asked advice in re a certain matter, which Classis gave.

Afternoon Session:

Orange City’s consistory came asking for financial support in the matter of certain necessary church repairs. It was granted. Pella asks for classical appointments, two per month; Manhat­tan came with the same request, the two appointments to run two successive Sun­days. Both these requests are granted and a committee is appointed to regu­late the schedule for these appointments. The appointments were adopted as fol­lows:

Manhattan, last two Sundays of each month, as follows:

Oct. Rev. Blankespoor

Nov. Rev. S. Cammenga

Dec. Rev. A. Cammenga

Jan. Rev. M. Gritters

Feb. Rev. P. Vis

Pella, as follows:

Oct. 8 Rev. J. Vanden Breggen

Oct. 22 Rev. S. Cammenga

Nov. 12 Rev. J. Blankespoor

Nov. 26 Rev. M. Gritters

Dec. 10 Rev. P. Vis

Dec. 24 Rev. G. Vos

Jan. 15 Rev. A. Cammenga

Jan. 29 Rev. J. Vanden Breggen

Feb. 12 Rev. S. Cammenga

Feb. 26 Rev. J. Blankespoor

Classis proceeds to vote its Church Visitors, as follows: Primi: Revs. G. Vos and M. Gritters; secundi: resp. Revs. S. Cammenga and J. Blankespoor. Mo­tion prevails to have the ministers from Calif. visit Calif. churches and also Man­hattan church on their way to the March Classis. It also votes a member to the Deputaten Comm. in view of the fact that Rev. Lubbers is now with Classis East, the member voted to be proposed to Synod is Rev. G. Vos. To the Clas­sical committee Classis votes Revs. J. Blankespoor and A. Cammenga.

Two brethren, representing the West­ern Christian High School appeared at our Classis seeking to address her on behalf of that Institution. Rev. P. De Koekkoek and Prin. J. Vander Ark seek to have Classis advise the churches to take up periodic collections for the Chris­tian High. Classis answers them as follows: that inasmuch as there are churches resorting under this Classis that have their own local schools to support, Classis cannot as Classis ad­vise our churches to financially support this Christian High. We advise the Board of Chr. High to address the con­sistories in Sioux and Lyon County and Minn. directly and ask for their finan­cial support.

Rev. L. Doezema is appointed to thank the ladies of the Edgerton Church for their fine services. Sioux Center invites Classis to have its next meeting there. So decided, on first Wed. of March 1945 D.V. Questions of D.K.O. Art. 41 are asked and favorably answered. Script minutes are read and approved. Rev. De Boer speaks a few words of thanks­giving and farewell after which Rev. G. Vos closes this session in thanks to the faithful God for all His love over us.

M. GRITTERS, Stated Clerk