The Rev. P. De Boer conducted the usual opening exercises. It appeared from the credentials that all the churches were represented.

Rev. L. Doezema takes the chair as president of the day, and Rev. P. De Boer serves as secretary.

The president extends a word of welcome particularly the two new ministers now serving in Classis West, Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. L .Vermeer, and also to the deputies ad examina, the Reverends B. Kok, A. Petter, and M. Schipper.

The church visitors for the middle West present their report, informing the Classis that love and unity prevail in the churches they visited, as also love for the truth. The church visitors for the far West report that they have carried out their mandate, visiting the churches in California and Montana, and that they found everything in good order in these churches.

The sermon committee presents its report that they have carried out the work assigned to them by the previous Classis. They have mimeographed and compiled in book form a number of English and Dutch sermons, which are available to the consistories for reading services. The Classis accepts this report and decides to place these books on sale to the consistory members for the cost price of $2.50 per set, each set including two volumes.

The consistory of Sioux Center asks Classis to examine Candidate James Van Weelden, who has accepted the call extended to him by their congregation. The Classis decides to comply with this request and proceeds to examine him according to the following schedule:

Rev. C. Hanko examines him on the first three loci of Dogmatics for 25 min.

Rev. L. Vermeer examines him on the last three loci of Dogmatics for 25 min.

Rev. P. De Boer examines on Knowledge of Scripture for 15 minutes.

Rev. S. Cammenga examines on Knowledge of the Confessions for 15 minutes.

Rev. J. Blankespoor examines on Controversy for 15 minutes.

Rev. G. Vos concludes with an examination on Practica for 15 minutes.

Thereupon the Candidate is given a half hour to preach his classical sermon on the passage of Scripture taken from I Cor. 1:27-29.

The chair appoints the Revs. C. Hanko J. Blankespoor and the elder H. P. Van Dyken to examine the credentials of Candidate Van Weelden.

Upon receiving the advice of the deputies ad examina, the Classis decides to express that Candidate James Van Weelden has shown the necessary qualifications for the ministry of the Word and Sacraments in our churches, and advises the consistory of Sioux Center to proceed with the ordination. Candidate Van Weelden is informed of our decision, and the assembly sings “Des Heeren Zegen Op U Daal”.

The requests for subsidies from the various churches are given into the hands of a committee for further investigation, upon which they report their findings to Classis. The committee consists of the Revs. Vis, Vos and Gritters, and the elders H. A. Kimm and A. Katje.

A request from Oskaloosa for remuneration of certain recently incurred expenses is also given into the hands of this committee.

The committee advises Classis to grant the requests for subsidies as presented by the various consistories.

The request of Oskaloosa is rejected on the grounds that their request falls under no particular rule now in vogue in our churches, and also that Oskaloosa has presented no proof that she is in need of this aid.

Classis approbates the letter of Testimonial of the Rev. M. Gritters, who has accepted the call to our Oak Lawn church. It is also decided to give him a letter of transfer to Classis East.

Since Rev. Gritters is leaving our Classis Rev. C. Hanko has been chosen to take his place as Stated Clerk of Classis West. And the Rev. G. Vos has been chosen to fill his vacancy in the Classical Committee.

The Chair expresses the appreciation of Classis West to Rev. M. Gritters for his faithful services as Stated Clerk of the Classis and now wishes him God’s blessing In his new field of labor. Rev. Gritter responds with a word of thanks and wishes the Classis God’s continued blessing.

The Rev. A. Cammenga of Hull was appointed as moderator for Sioux Center during their vacancy.

The following are delegated by the Classis to the next Synod:



G. Vos

C. Hanko

L. Doezema

J. Blankespoor


L. Vermeer

P. Vis

A. Cammenga

P. De Boer



J. Docter

C Vander Meulen

W. De Vries

P. Hoekstra


H. Kuiper

J. Broek

G. Rijken

J. Kuiper

Since Mr. F. LaGrange has not been remunerated for his services in regard to the finances of Classis West, it is decided to notify him of a former decision of Classis that he should be remunerated for this work annually, and that Classis desires to carry out this decision accordingly.

Pella thanks the Classis for the aid extended to her during her vacancy in the past year.

The questions of Article 41 are satisfactorily answered. Oskaloosa asks advice concerning the matter of Catechism books for young people who are not yet ready for the commonly used “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine”. They are informed that they can contact Rev. A. Cammenga, who has prepared a “Primer of Reformed Doctrine”.

Since both Oskaloosa and Rock Valley incite the Classis to hold its fall meeting in their church, Classis decides to accept the invitation of Rock Valley. The next meeting to be held on the first Wednesday of September, D. V.

After the minutes are approved the president makes a few fitting closing remarks, whereupon the Rev. J. Vander Breggen returns thanks to God for His guidance.

C. Hanko, Stated Clerk