September 2 and 3, 1998

in Loveland, Colorado

The March meeting of Classis West was held in Loveland, Colorado on Wednesday and Thursday, September 2 and 3. Rev. Richard Moore (Hull, IA) provided able leadership to the classis as the chairman of this session.

The delegates of Classis West gathered already Tuesday evening, together with the congregation of Loveland Protestant Reformed Church, in a special worship service which was conducted by Pastor-elect Daniel Kleyn of Edgerton, Minnesota. The sermon he delivered was part of his classical examination. The meeting of classis on Wednesday was given to the examination of Pastor-elect Kleyn. With gratitude to God we may report that Mr. Kleyn passed his extensive examination for the office of the ministry, and that the Edgerton PRC was instructed to proceed to his ordination and installation into the office of the ministry of the Word and sacraments. That installation has since taken place, and Pastor Kleyn has taken up his labors in Edgerton PRC.

Committees of pre-advice met the rest of the day on Wednesday, to formulate advice for classis to consider Thursday.

On Thursday, classis faced several important issues. Two disciplines cases were carefully considered in closed session, one of which was there by appeal of a member under discipline. In the case involving the appeal, classis upheld the decisions of the consistory, recognizing their long, patient labors in the case, and rejected the appeal, exhorting the appellant to heed the call to turn from sin. Classis also gave careful pastoral instruction in the case, in an attempt to help the appellant see the urgency of dealing with the problem which is the cause of the discipline. In the other case, approval was given for the consistory involved to proceed in discipline, even to the last remedy, if necessary.

Classis also with gratitude to God received a letter from Rev. Jon Smith, in which he expressed a desire to be reconciled with our churches, having left several years ago in an improper manner. Because Trinity PRC, Houston, from which congregation Rev. Smith left, is now disbanded, Classis appointed the consistory of Loveland to investigate the case and to work with Rev. Smith toward the removal of all offenses, also determining to what extent he seeks to be reconciled to the PRC. Loveland’s consistory was instructed to report with advice to the next classis.

Finally, classis gave consideration to an overture from Edgerton PRC which seeks several changes in the Church Order. Classis will send the overture on to synod 1999, having expressed approval of some of the changes, and disapproval of others.

We may thank God that the meetings showed a good spirit of unity and peace throughout, as well as much pastoral care in the deliberations concerning discipline. With advice carefully formulated by the various sub-committees, and oneness of mind in the matters deliberated, classis was able to finish a rather lengthy agenda by 2:00 on Thursday.

The March 1999 meeting is scheduled to be held in Redlands, California.

Rev. Steven R. Key,

Stated Clerk