September 4, 1996 

at Randolph, Wisconsin

On September 4, Classis West met in Randolph, WI with Rev. M. Joostens of Lynden, WA serving as president of Classis for this session. The main item on the agenda was the examination of Pastor-elect Richard Smit, who had received and accepted the call to serve as pastor in the Doon Protestant Reformed Church of Doon, IA. A special worship service was called by Randolph’s consistory for the evening of March 3, at which time Mr. Smit led the congregation in worship and proclaimed the gospel from Genesis 6:8, “Noah’s Finding Jehovah’s Grace.” In attendance were not only the members of the congregation and several visitors, but also the 28 delegates of Classis West, as well as three ministers from Classis East, Pastors Cammenga, Koole and Woudenberg, who were in attendance as synodical deputies. The following day was spent in examining Pastor-elect Smit in the several areas of doctrinal studies, as well as his knowledge of Scripture and the confessions.

Classis West, with the synodical deputies expressing hearty agreement, voted unanimously to approve Pastor-elect Smit’s examination, and advised the Doon PRC to proceed with his ordination. The Protestant Reformed Churches have much reason for thankfulness to God in His continued provision of men to labor as ministers of the Word and sacraments.

Most of the remaining business of Classis was quite routine. Classis West welcomed Pastor Rodney Miersma, who recently took up his new labors in Immanuel PRC, Lacombe, AB, Canada. It was also noted at Classis that Rev. Miersma this year marks his 25th year in the ministry of the Word, and that Reverends Gise VanBaren and Bernard Woudenberg have served now for 40 years in the ministry. How the years so quickly pass!

Rev. Steven Key, Stated Clerk