March 5, 1997 

at Doon, Iowa

The March meeting of Classis West was held in Doon, Iowa on Wednesday, March 5. The customary Officebearers’ Conference was held the day before. The theme of the Conference was “Faithful Preaching vs. the Free Offer.” Pastor Carl Haak gave the keynote address, the theme of which was “Preaching the Mercy and Goodness of God to Sinners.” Also giving presentations at the conference were Missionary Thomas Miersma, “Preaching and Mission Work Without a Debilitating Offer”; and Pastor Jai Mahtani, “Preaching the Gospel Promiscuously.” Rev. Allen Brummel also gave a review of the book by Iain Murray, Spurgeon v . Hyper- Calvinism. Tuesday evening, in a full church sanctuary in Doon, Pastor Mahtani gave a slide presentation of the work being done by Trinity’s congregation in Houston, Texas. The theme of his presentation was “Reaching the Nations with the Gospel of Grace.” The discussion and fellowship at the Conference was appreciated by all.

Pastor Steven Key chaired the meeting of Classis on Wednesday. The agenda of Classis was brief. Peace and unity are evident in the churches of Classis West.

Among the business conducted, Classis gave advice in two discipline cases, in each case giving approval to the actions of the consistory. Bethel Protestant Reformed Church was granted their request to seek from the churches in Classis West offerings for their building fund. Their request will also be forwarded to Synod, seeking approval for offerings also to be taken in the churches of Classis East.

Classis granted classical appointments to South Holland PRC as follows: Rev. S. Key (April 6 and 20); Rev.. W: Bekkering (May 18 and 25); Rev. C. Haak (June 15 and 22); Rev. S. Houck (July 13 and 20); Rev. R. Smit (August 10 and 17); and Rev. J. Mahtani (August 31 and September 7).

Classis approved the following subsidy requests and forwarded them to Synod: Bethel PRC- $20,300; Edgert0.n PRC-$9,000; Edmonton PRC-$32,444; Lacombe PRC-$25,934; Pella PRC-$25,000; Trinity PRC-$30,500.

Voting for delegates to Synod 1997 resulted in the following elections: Ministers: Primi: W. Bekkering, A. den Hartog, C. Haak, S. Key, R. Moore; Secundi: M. De Vries, S. Houck, M. Joostens, R. Miersma, G. Van Baren. Elders: Primi: Lamm Lubbers (South Holland), HP. Meulenberg (Houston), Bill Smit (Lynden), Fred Tolsma (Edmonton), Charles Van Meeteren (Redlands); Secundi: Jim denHartog (Lynden), John Hilton (Edgerton), Robert Kelley (Lynden), Menno Poortenga (Peace), Everett Van Voorthuysen (Redlands).

Among other elections: Rev. S. Houck was re-elected to a three year term as a Synodical Deputy from Classis West. Revs. R., Moore and G. Van Baren were elected as church visitors, with Revs. A. denHartog and St Houck as alternates. Classis also expressed its gratitude to emeritus pastor, Rev. George Lanting, for his many years of faithful service as a church visitor in Classis West. Rev. Lanting, for reasons of age, requested to be relieved of those duties.

The next meeting of Classis will be in Peace PRC, Lansing, Illinois on September 3, 1997, the Lord willing.

Rev. Steven Key,

Stated Clerk