Classis West met on Wednesday, September 2, 1992, in Loveland, CO. Classis finished its work at about 3:00 p.m., that same day. Rev. R. Moore served as President of the meeting and Rev. T. Miersma led Classis in opening devotions.

The main item of business was a letter from the Isabel, SD, and congregation informing Classis of difficulties in that congregation. The result of those difficulties is that Isabel has no Consistory of its own at present. Classis, therefore, decided to put the congregation of Isabel under the care and government of Doon’s Consistory according to Articles 38 and 39 of the Church Order. Doon’s Consistory is to report to the next meeting of Classis West with recommendations concerning the future of the Isabel congregation, i.e., either to reconstitute the Consistory of Isabel according to Article 38 of the Church Order or to disband the congregation.

Classis also approved and scheduled classical appointments for Isabel, and for Sovereign Redeemer Fellowship of Boise, Idaho. In addition, a request for permission to ask for building fund collections in Classis West, from Covenant PRC of Wyckoff, NJ, received the approval of Classis.

The expenses of Classis were $7,573.61.

The next meeting of Classis West will be in South Holland, IL, on March 3, 1993.

Rev. R. Hanko

Stated Clerk