Classis West met on Wednesday, March 3, 1993, in South Holland, Illinois. Classis met in three sessions and finished its business at about l0:30 Wednesday evening. Rev. C. Terpstra served as President of Classis. 

Some of the routine business of Classis involved classical appointments, subsidy requests, and elections. Classical appointments were scheduled for Isabel, SD; for Trinity PRC of Houston, TX; and for Boise, ID. Seven subsidy requests totaling $137,568.00 were approved for 1994 and will be forwarded to Synod, 1993 for its approval. Rev. M. DeVries was re-appointed to the Classical Committee, Rev. R. VanOverloop was elected as Synodical Deputy, and Revs. R. VanOverloop and G. Lanting as Church Visitors. The ministers chosen as delegates to Synod, 1993, were Revs. R. Dykstra, C. Haak, S. Key, T. Miersma, and R. VanOverloop. Elder delegates chosen were Mr. Robert Brands, K. DeJong, Egbert Gritters, J. Lenting, and E. VanVoorthuizen. Since Rev. R. Hanko is leaving Classis West for Northern Ireland, Classis appointed a new Stated Clerk, Rev. R. VanOverloop. 

Several matters were not routine. Classis approved an overture to Synod, 1993, seeking to establish a procedure for admitting ministers from other denominations under Article 9 of the Church Order. The Hope PRC of Isabel, South Dakota was declared to be dissolved by the providence of God. 

Classis set April 14, 1993, as the date for a special meeting of Classis West to be held in Randolph, Wisconsin, for the purpose of examining Pastor Jaiki Mahtani of the ERCS of Singapore, who has accepted the call from Trinity PRC of Houston, Texas. Monies remaining from a fund established for the support of Rev. A. Spriensma were set aside by classis to assist Pastor Mahtani and his family in moving themselves and their belongings to Houston. 

Classis also decided the dates and meeting places for the next two meetings of Classis. The next two meetings of Classis West are scheduled for September 1, 1993, in Lynden, Washington, and March 2, 1994 in Redlands, California. 

Rev. R. Hanko 

Stated Clerk