Classis West met on Wednesday, September 6, 1989 in Doon, Iowa. Classis met in two sessions and finished all its business at about 4:00 Wednesday afternoon. Rev. M. DeVries served as President of the meeting.

This was the first Classis at which delegates from the new Congregation of Bethel, in Elk Grove, Illinois, were present.

Most of the business of Classis was routine. Classical appointments were granted to the congregations of Hope, Redlands, California, Hope, Isabel, South Dakota, and Peace, Lynwood, Illinois, though Classis did decide to ask Classis East for help in supplying Peace’s pulpit. A request for additional subsidy for 1989 and 1990 from the Pella, Iowa congregation was also approved.

Classis adopted the report of a committee appointed by the March, 1989 Classis that advised Classis to make a change in its rules of order and in the way it has been dealing with majority and minority reports.

A protest from one of the Consistories against the decision of the last Classis to admonish those Consistories that had not allowed their ministers to keep Classical appointments was rejected by Classis. An overture to Synod concerning the Jamaican mission field, asking that that field be closed, was sent on to Synod without comment.

The next meeting of Classis West will be in South Holland, Illinois, on March 7, 1990.

Rev. R. Hanko

Stated Clerk