March 8, 1988

For the first time in its history, the Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Redlands, California was host to a meeting of Classis West. The Spring, 1988 meeting of Classis was held in the beautiful, new church building of the Redlands Church on March 2. The delegates enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Redlands Congregation. For many, it was the first opportunity to see the impressive buildings—church, Christian school, and parsonage—and grounds of the Protestant Reformed saints in Redlands.

Twelve ministers and thirteen elders represented the thirteen churches of Classis West at this one-day meeting of the Classis. Rev. C. Terpstra led in opening devotions, speaking to the delegates fromJohn 10:11-13. By rotation, Rev. R. Cammenga presided over the Classis. Elders A. Bleyenberg (Hull) and R. Brands (Edgerton) were present at Classis for the first time and signed the Formula of Subscription.

Among the reports were those of the Reading Sermon Committee and the Church Visitors. The report of the Reading Sermon Committee reminded Consistories to return reading sermons that have been used and reminded Pastors to submit a new reading sermon this year. The Church Visitors informed Classis that they have visited all the churches during the past year and “found a good spirit of unity and peace in our churches . . . .”

Six Churches—Edgerton, Edmonton, Houston, Isabel, Lacombe, and Pella—requested subsidy for 1989 in the amount of $120,537. Classis approved these requests and forwarded them to Synod, 1988.

Classical appointments were given to Isabel according to the following schedule: March 20, 27—Miersma; April 10, 17—Kuiper; May 1, 8—Haak; May 22, 29—Engelsma; June 12, 19—Moore; July 3, 10—DeVries; July 24, 31—Cammenga; August 14, 21—den Hartog; September 11, 18—Lanting.

The Consistory of Redlands sent an overture to Classis that intended to “clarify the authority of doing mission work and the role of the calling church, missionary and the mission committee in doing mission work.” Proceeding on the basis of their belief “that the work of missions is that of the local church,” Redlands called for substantial revision of the Constitution of the Mission Committee. This revision, according to Redlands’ overture, “would give to the local calling church its rightful authority.” Classis was asked to adopt the overture as its own and to forward it to the June, 1988 meeting of Synod. Classis rejected the overture on the ground that it “violates Article 51 of the Church Order which states that the General Synod regulates the mission work of the churches in a mission order.”

In closed session, Classis treated the request of a Consistory for advice concerning discipline.

Results of the necessary voting were the following:

—Classical Committee: Rev. R. Dykstra.

—Delegates ad examina: primus—Rev. A. den Hartog; secundus—Rev. C. Terpstra.

—Church Visitors: Rev. G. Lanting, Rev. R. Moore.

—Stated Clerk (to fill the unexpired term of Rev. D. Engelsma, who resigned due to press of other duties): Rev. R. Hanko.

—Delegates to Synod, 1988: primi ministers—den Hartog, Engelsma, Koole, Kuiper, secundi ministers—Cammenga, DeVries, Haak, Moore; primi elders—J. Flikkema (South Holland), E. Stouwie, Sr. (South Holland), J. Van Den Top (Doon), E. Van Ginkel (Doon); secundi elders—R. Brunsting (Hull), A. Hendriks (Edgerton), J. Tolsma (Lynden), G.F. Van Baren (South Holland).

After April 1, 1988, all correspondence for Classis West should be sent to the new Stated Clerk, Rev. R. Hanko, 218 Barker-Clodine Rd., Houston, TX 77094.

Classis will meet next in Loveland, Colorado on September 7, 1988, the Lord willing.

Rev. David J. Engelsma,

Stated Clerk

Classis West