Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches met in Loveland, Colorado on September 4-6. Ten ministers and fourteen elders were present, to do the work of the churches in the West. Rev. M. Kamps, president of the previous Classis, opened the sessions with a devotional exposition of I Peter 1:17-21. Rev. K. Koole presided over Classis. Rev. M. DeVries (Edgerton) and Elder J. Van Oort (Doon) were delegated to Classis for the first time and signed the Formula of Subscription.

Working through the largest Agenda in recent memory, if not in all its history, Classis labored three full days and nights, either by committees or in full session. Most of the work was done in closed session.

Classis heard the reports of a special committee and of the Church Visitors concerning work done, on behalf of the Classis, in churches where there have been special difficulties.

With sorrow, Classis received the information from the Trinity, Houston Church, that the Rev. Jon Smith resigned as Pastor of the Trinity Protestant Reformed Church and withdrew the membership papers of himself and his family from the Congregation. Rev. R. Cammenga was appointed Moderator of Trinity, Houston until they receive a Pastor.

Three churches asked Classis’ advice regarding the discipline of members, according to Article 77 of the Church Order. Having heard and considered the information presented by the Consistories through their delegates, Classis judged that the churches should proceed with discipline.

The following classical appointment schedule was adopted for Trinity, Houston: Oct. 6 & 13—Kuiper; Oct. 20 & 27—Koole; Nov. 10 & 17—DeVries; Nov. 28, Dec. 1 & 8—Miersma; Dec. 22 & 29, Jan. 5—supply to be sought from the Seminary; Jan. 19 & 26—Slopsema; Feb. 2 & 9—Moore; Feb. 23 & March 2—Lanting; March 16 & 23—Kamps.

Concerning the use of the inheritance willed to Classis West by the late Mr. C. Van Der Molen, Classis decided to give this bequest and accumulated interest to the Protestant Reformed Churches in America on the condition that the gift be placed in a perpetual fund invested in government insured securities whereby the principal remains intact and only the annual earnings be used exclusively to subsidize the denominational Emeritus Fund.

Classis appointed a committee to bring recommendations to the next Classis regarding rules on the length of protests and appeals so that Classis does not again have such a large Agenda. This committee is also to bring recommendations regarding the necessity of reading aloud large appeals in their entirety on the floor of Classis. The committee consists of Rev. D. Kuiper, Rev. M. Kamps, and Elder J. Van Den Top.

Classis meets next in South Holland, IL, on March 5, 1986, the Lord willing.

Rev. David Engelsma

Stated Clerk