Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches met in Loveland, Colorado for two, full days, on March 7, 8, 1984. Eleven ministers, twelve elders, and one deacon represented the churches of the West. Rev. W. Bekkering presided over the Classis. Elders B. Driesen (Hull) and P. Van Dyken (Lynden) and Deacon L. De Zwarte (Pella) were present as delegates for the first time and signed the Formula of Subscription. Rev. R. Van Overloop, missionary in Birmingham, Alabama, was present and was given advisory vote. 

An appeal against the decision of a Consistory was treated in closed session. 

Classis approved and sent on to Synod the protest of a Council against the decision of the 1983 Synod to add the Symbol of Chalcedon to the three trinitarian creeds (the Apostles, the Nicene, and the Athanasian) that are to be placed in The Psalter

A brother appealed the decision of his Consistory allowing ministers to preach in churches of other denominations that are not confessionally one with the Protestant Reformed Churches. Classis decided that the appeal was not legally before Classis on the ground that the appeal was, in reality, a protest against decisions taken by the Synods of 1977 and 1978, which decisions must be considered settled and binding (Article 31 of the Church Order) and on the ground that matters once decided upon must not be raised again unless there is a good reason for doing so (Article 46 of the Church Order). 

Subsidy requests from Edgerton, Edmonton, Isabel, and Pella, in the amount of $51,108, were approved and sent to Synod. Besides these requests, Houston’s request for subsidy will be sent to Synod through the Classical Committee. Isabel adjusted its subsidy for 1984 by reducing it $1,000. Classis approved and sent to Synod the request of Hull to be relieved from paying $2,776 of their synodical assessments for 1983 because of a loss of families. 

Results of the necessary elections were the following: 

Stated Clerk: Rev. Engelsma.

Assistant Stated Clerk: Rev. Bekkering.

Classical Committee: Rev. Kamps.

Delegates ad examina: 

1) Primus: Rev. Lanting.

2) Secundus: Rev. Kortering.

Church Visitors: Rev. Kortering and Rev. Lanting.

Primi Minister Delegates to Synod: D. Engelsma, M. Kamps, J. Kortering, J. Slopsema.

Secundi Minister Delegates to Synod: W. Bekkering, R. Cammenga, K. Koole, G. Lanting.

Primi Elder Delegates to Synod: W. Buys, Egbert Gritters, T. Hugg, L. Regnerus.

Secundi Elder Delegates to Synod: R. Brands, P. Brummel, E. Van Ginkel, B. Van Maanen. 

Classis will meet next in Pella, Iowa on September 5, 1984, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma 

Stated Clerk 

Classis West