September 4, 2002 at Edgerton, Minnesota

The September 2002 meeting of Classis West was held in Edgerton Protestant Reformed Church in Edgerton, Minnesota on Wednesday, September 4. Rev. Steven Key chaired the meeting.

Classis was preceded by an officebearers’ conference held on Tuesday, September 3. The topic of the conference was “Justification by Faith Alone: Was Luther Mistaken, or Has Protestantism Despised Her Birthright?” Rev. Carl Haak gave the keynote address on “The Need for the Recovery of the Biblical Gospel.” Sectionals followed on related topics, with papers being presented by Rev. R. Hanko, Rev. M. VanderWal, Rev. Douglas Kuiper, Elder A. Meurer, Rev. A. Brummel, and Seminarian Paul Goh. In light of present-day departure from the truth of justification by faith alone, the conference was very timely, and all were reminded of the importance of maintaining this fundamental truth of the gospel. The conference was well attended, not only by all the delegates to Classis, but also by various members of our Doon, Edgerton, and Hull congregations.

The main item with which Classis dealt was a discipline matter which was treated in closed session. Regarding this matter, Classis concurred with the decision of one of our consistories to depose a minister of the Word and sacraments from office. The synodical deputies (delegates ad examina) from Classis East were present and concurred with Classis’ decision. This was an extremely serious and weighty matter for Classis to treat. Humbly we thank God for His guidance and for the evidence of His grace in our midst, also in the repentance of the one who had fallen.

In other matters, Classis decided to disband the special committee that had been appointed to assist Lynden PRC, and thanked the committee for its labors. Classis also approved reimbursing Lynden PRC $2,650 for help with the moving expenses of Lynden’s new pastor.

The expenses for Classis totaled $5,669.63.

The Lord willing, the next meeting of Classis West will be held in Lynden PRC on Wednesday, March 5, 2003.

Rev. Daniel Kleyn,

Stated Clerk