March 7, 1956

Classis West convened at Edgerton, Minnesota, Wednesday, March 7, 1956. The meeting was held in the Runals Memorial Hall, where our Edgerton church conducts its service.

Rev. H.H. Kuiper was the president of the day and the Rev. H.C. Hoeksema functioned as clerk. An enjoyable atmosphere characterized the gathering, particularly because of the favorable decision of the Michigan Supreme Court. This decision was received in the spirit of thanksgiving to the Lord and in humility. To be recognized as Protestant Reformed Churches also lays upon us the solemn obligation to conduct ourselves as such in the midst of this world.

The classis decided to remind the synod of the fact that the synodical committee has thus far been inactive and to ask the synod to consider the advisability of continuing it. Classis also decided to request the synod to appoint a committee to draw up a proposed set of rules for parliamentary procedure to be followed on our synodical meetings. Another instruction, also received from our South Holland church, to overture synod to take the necessary steps to guarantee the publication of the Acts prior to December 1 of the year in which the synod meets, was also adopted by the classis. And a fourth request of our South Holland church to change the date of our classical meetings was adopted so that Classis West will meet from now on the third Wednesday of the months, March and September. The classical committee was given power to change the date in case of conflict with Good Friday.

A request from one of our churches to receive permission to call ministers whom they had called within the past year was denied.

The classis also decided to ask the ministers of Classis West to contribute two more sermons before the September Classis.

That we are called to struggle in an imperfect church again became manifest at our classical meeting. The Classis was called to treat a protest which had come to our gathering from one of our churches.

The following appointments were scheduled as follows:

For Doon: March 25, E. Emanuel; April 8, H. Veldman; April 22, H.C. Hoeksema; April 29, G. VandenBerg; May 13, J. Heys; May 27, He. Veldman; June 3, E. Emanuel; June 17, J. Heys; June 24, H.C. Hoeksema; July 8, H. Veldman; July 22, G. VandenBerg; July 29, H.C. Hoeksema; August 5, E. Emanuel; August 19, J. Heys; August 26, G. VandenBerg; September 16, H.H. Kuiper; September 23, R.C. Harbach.

For Pella: April 8, J. Heys; May 6, H. Veldman; June 17, G. Vandenberg; July 8, E. Emanuel; August 19, H.C. Hoeksema; September 16, R.C. Harbach; September 23, H.H. Kuiper.

Delegates to our Synod in June were voted as follows:

MinistersPrimi: J.A. Heys, H.C. Hoeksema, G. VandenBerg, H. Veldman. Secundi: E. Emanuel, R. Harbach, H.H. Kuiper.

EldersPrimi: H. Huisken, R. Regnerus, W. Terpstra, C. VanderMeulen. Secundi: H.J. Blankespoor, M. Gaastra, P. Hoekstra, P.A. Poortinga.

Various subsidy requests were received from our churches of Classis West, treated, and sent through to synod.

We may also report that the classis decided to overture synod to make provision for future eventualities in cases of local litigation by synodical assessment.

Our meeting next September, September 19, will be held, the Lord willing, in Oak Lawn. The Classis concluded its meeting in the conviction that the Lord is with us and that we may face the future with confidence because our strength is in the Lord. The Rev. H. Veldman concluded our gathering with thanks to God.

Rev. H. Veldman, Stated Clerk