On Wednesday, March 1, 2006, Classis West met in Loveland, Colorado.

An officebearers’ conference was held the day before. The theme of the conference was “The Minister and His Money.” The morning session was devoted to a presentation concerning US tax code law as it affects ministers’ salaries of our US churches and concerning ways to structure a pastor’s support in order to use the tax savings provided by the law. The afternoon sessions were devoted to presentations and profitable discussions on the subject of the pastor’s use of his money and possessions and on the subject of counseling God’s people regarding the wise use of our money and wealth in obedience to Christ.

On Tuesday evening, a special worship service was called by the consistory of the Loveland PRC. As part of his classical examination, Pastor-elect Dennis Lee, who had accepted the call to serve as pastor of the First Protestant Reformed Church in Edgerton, MN, led this worship service and expounded the Word of God for the edification of the Loveland congregation, the delegates of Classis, and the delegates ad examina from Classis East. Mr. Lee expounded on Acts 13:48, “And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed.”

The majority of the labors of Classis on Wednesday focused on the examination of Pastor-elect Dennis Lee. Classis examined Mr. Lee in the 6 sections of Reformed Dogmatics, in knowledge of Scripture, in knowledge of our confessions, in Controversy, and in Practica. Each part of the oral examination lasted 15 minutes; and, after each section, the delegates were given opportunity to ask follow-up or other questions.

With the concurrence of the synodical deputies of Classis East, Classis West unanimously approved the examination of Mr. Lee, and advised the First PRC of Edgerton to proceed with his ordination into the office of the ministry of the Word and sacraments. We render hearty thanks to our heavenly Father for the gracious gift of prepared and qualified men to labor as ministers of the Word and sacraments in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ in our churches.

Classis approved three subsidy requests for 2007 (from Bethel, First-Edmonton, and Immanuel-Lacombe) and forwarded these requests to Synod 2006 for approval.

Classis conducted its annual elections. Classis appointed Revs. S. Houck, S. Key, R. Miersma, and R. Smit as Church Visitors for the next year, and appointed Revs. A. Brummel and R. Hanko as alternates. Classis elected its delegates for Synod 2006, which are as follows:

Ministers (Primi)—A. Brummel, S. Houck, S. Key, R. Miersma, R. Smit.

Ministers (Secundi)—D. Kuiper, J. Mahtani, J. Marcus, D. Overway, M. VanderWal.

Elders (Primi)—A. Brummel (Edgerton), G. DeJong (South Holland), D. Poortinga (Loveland), J. Regnerus (Randolph), Gys VanBaren (South Holland).

Elders (Secundi)—J. Andringa (Hull), R. Brands (Loveland), J. VanBaren (Randolph), R. Vermeer (Peace), and E. Westra (Hull).

The expenses of Classis totaled $9,300.91. Classis West plans to meet next in its regular sessions on September 6, 2006, in Hull, IA, and on March 7, 2007, in Doon, IA, the Lord willing.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Richard J. Smit,

Stated Clerk