Report of Classis West, March 21, 1962.

Classis West of our Prot. Ref. Churches met in Randolph, Wisconsin, Wednesday, March 21, 1962. Rev. R.C. Harbach presided at this meeting, and the Rev. Woudenberg recorded the minutes. We met until 11:30 p.m. of that Wednesday. It was a busy Classis meeting characterized by a spirit of unity throughout.

Several protests were treated, and all were directed against the consistory of our Redlands Church. This church has been plagued by this trouble for several years. The treatment of those protests occupied a major part of Classis’ time. The Classis was unanimous throughout in its support of the Redlands Consistory.

The Consistory of Loveland presented several matters. One concerned the emeritation of Mrs. H.H. Kuiper. Classis approved the request of Loveland, and the matter will be forwarded to our Emeritation Committee. Loveland also requested that the matter that is treated at our ecclesiastical meetings in executive session be made available to our consistories. Loveland was reminded of the fact that all our consistories can receive that material upon request. Loveland also requested that Church Visitation be conducted by correspondence. Classis decided, pending Loveland’s approval, to place this matter into the hands of a committee which will report at our September Classis.

Various subsidies were approved by Classis, and in some instances a decrease in subsidy was requested.

Classis granted classical appointments as follows (Randolph’s request was forwarded to Classis East):Pella—April, J. Kortering; May, G. Vanden Berg; July, G. VanBaren; August, J. Heys; September, B. Woudenberg. Isabel and Forbes—April 8, 15, J. Kortering; May 13, 20, 27, B. Woudenberg; June 10, 17, 24, G. Vanden Berg; July 8, 15, J. Heys; Aug. 5, 12, G. VanBaren: Sept. 9, 16, H. Veldman; Sept. 23, 30, R. Harbach. Loveland—April 8, 15, J. Heys; May 6, 13, G. VanBaren; June 3, 17, H. Veldman; July 8, 15, B. Woudenberg; Aug. 5, 12, G. Vanden Berg; Sept. 2, 9, J. Kortering. Synodical delegates were chosen as follows: Primi—Ministers: J.A. Heys, G. VanBaren, G. Vanden Berg, H. Veldman; Elders: W. Griess, H. Huisken, L. Lanting, C. Vander Molen.Secundi—Ministers: R.C. Harbach, J. Kortering, B. Woudenberg; Elders: D. Alsum, W. Buys, T. Feenstra, W. Huizenga. Should a primus delegate not be able to attend Synod, he shall contact his own alternate. And if his alternate cannot attend, he will contact the next alternate in alphabetical order.

Classis also decided to request each minister to furnish two reading sermons before the next classis. The same request was forwarded to Classis East.

The Church Visitors reported on their work completed last year. We are happy to report that a spirit of love and unity characterizes our churches, although we do have the difficulty of a minister shortage.

Rev. Heys and Rev. VanBaren were chosen as Church Visitors, with Revs. Harbach and Kortering as alternates.

Classis, of course, missed the presence of Rev. H.H. Kuiper who, last November, pas called out of our midst to exchange the struggle for the crown. Lynden was represented by two delegates. After singing the Doxology, Rev. H. Veldman closed our classical session with prayer. Classis West will meet in Edgerton in September.

—REV. H. VELDMAN, Stated Clerk