Report of the Meeting of Classis West held in Loveland, Colorado, on Sept. 20, 21, 1967. 

The highlight of the first meeting of Classis West ever held in Loveland, Colorado was the examination of Mr. Dale Kuiper. In accordance with the rules attached to Article 4 of the Church Order, Mr. Kuiper preached before the Classis on I Peter 2:1, 2. Also, the ministers of Classis West examined Mr. Kuiper in dogmatics, knowledge of the Reformed Confessions, knowledge of Scripture, controversy and practica. The outcome of the examination was that Classis unanimously decided that Mr. Kuiper be ordained in the ministry of the Word and Sacraments. This ordination is to take place, Lord willing, in our Randolph congregation on September 29. 

It was with fervor that the delegates poured forth their gratitude to God for a capable and staunch minister of the Word, for the seminary professors whose able, dedicated, and faithful instruction was evident in the examination, and for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ which we may serve and proclaim in our Protestant Reformed Churches. 

Although there will now be one less vacancy, five vacant churches remain in the West: Forbes, Hull, Isabel, Pella and South Holland. Classis West requested Classis East to supply South Holland entirely during the next six months and drew up the following schedule for the other four churches: 

HULL: Oct. 8—G. Lanting; Oct. 15, 22—Classis East; Nov. 12, 19—Classis East; Dec. 3, 10, 17—Classis East; Jan. 14, 21—Classis East; Feb. 11, 18—Classis East; March 18, 25—C. Hanko. 

ISABEL & FORBES: Oct. 8, 15, 22—R. Decker; Nov. 5, 12, 19—D. Engelsma; Dec. 3, 10, 17—D. Kuiper; Jan. 7, 14—Classis East; Feb. 11, 18, 25—G. Vanden Berg; March 4, 11, 18—G. Lanting. 

PELLA: Oct.—G. Vanden Berg; Nov.—R. Decker; Dec.—G. Lanting; Jan.—R. Decker; Feb.—D. Kuiper; March—B. Woudenberg. 

The South Holland consistory reported that it has set up a library of taped sermons and that it has on hand a number of sermons, including sermons for many special occasions. Plans are to build up this library in the coming months. The vacancies also require that the ministers in the West prepare more reading sermons. Reading sermons can be, obtained from Mr. G. Broekhuis, 341 Maple St., Box 393, Edgerton, Minn. 56128. 

Under the direction of the president of Classis, Rev. B. Woudenberg, Classis treated several protests and appeals. Concerning an objection by the Oak Lawn School Board to the accuracy of a report of a committee of Classis, Classis decided that it could not enter into the matter because the entire case, to which the report and the objection belong, was removed from the table of Classis by the involved parties. In response to a brother’s protest against a decision of Classis in March, 1967 that an appeal of his illegal, Classis maintained its original decision. Classis also had before it an appeal that charged certain members of the church with sin. Classis decided that the action in question had not been proved to be sinful and could not be proved to be sinful. 

One consistory requested the advice of Classis regarding the increase of censure upon a member, as Article 77 of the Church Order demands. Classis approved the action of the consistory. 

The next meeting of Classis West is scheduled for South Holland, Illinois. 

—Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West of the Prot. Ref’d. Churches