March 5, 2008

On Tuesday, March 4, delegates to Classis West’s March meeting, officebearers, high school students, and other members from Hope PRC gathered for an officebearers’ conference, which addressed the theme, “Promoting Sabbath Observance in the 21st Century.” Delegates and visitors enjoyed the speeches presented by the speakers (Rev. M. VanderWal, Rev. J. Mahtani, Rev. S. Key, and Rev. D. Kuiper). According to the many comments that the undersigned heard, those who attended also enjoyed the discussions led by the speakers after their presentations.

Classis convened at 8:30 A.M on Wednesday. Rev. J. Marcus provided the opening devotions, including a meditation on Luke 4:14-21. Once classis was declared constituted, Rev. R. Smit assumed the duties of chairman, Rev. M. VanderWal served as vice-chairman, and Rev. J. Marcus performed the duties of clerk.

Classis treated the regular reports of the stated clerk, of the Reading Sermon Library committee, and of the Classical Committee. Classis also adopted the report of the church visitors, who informed classis that, by God’s grace alone, peace and unity prevail among the congregations. Rev. S. Houck submitted a request to classis through his consistory of Peace for support from the churches from March 2008 to March 2009. Classis approved this request and forwarded it to synod. Classis expressed its appreciation to Rev. Houck for his willingness to remain active in the work of the ministry and encouraged him to wait patiently upon the Lord’s will.

Pulpit-supply appointments were scheduled for Calvary PRC through the middle of September.

The 2009 subsidy requests from Bethel (Roselle, Illinois) for $35,000 and from First (Edmonton, Alberta) for C$17,604 were approved. Classis noted with thanksgiving to God that our sister congregation in Lacombe did not request subsidy for 2009, indicating that the Lord has blessed her with the opportunity to be self-supporting in the coming year. The expenses for the meeting totaled $11,737.12.

Classis conducted its annual elections. Synodical primi delegates were chosen as follows:

Ministers—S. Key, D. Kuiper, N. Langerak, J. Mahtani, R. Miersma; Elders—Keith Bruinsma (Peace), Pete Brummel (Hull), Al Meurer (Bethel), Lou Regnerus (Randolph), Fred Tolsma (First- Edmonton).

Secundi delegates are: Ministers— D. Lee, J. Marcus, D. Overway, C. Spronk; Elders—Chuck VanMeeteren (Hope), Loren Gritters (Hull), Evert A. Van Maanen (Hull), Philip Kooiker (South Holland), Jim Wierenga (Immanuel-Lacombe).

Classis appointed Rev. D. Overway to serve another 3-year term on the classical committee.

Rev. S. Key (primus) and Rev. N. Langerak (secundus) were elected to serve three-year terms as delegates ad examina. Rev. D. Overway (secundus) was elected to serve a two-year term. Classis elected Revs. S. Key, D. Kuiper, R. Miersma, and R. Smit as church visitors for 2008-2009, with Revs. S. Houck and J. Mahtani as alternates. Classis reappointed Rev. R. Smit as stated clerk and Rev. D. Kuiper as assistant stated clerk for three-year terms.

Having completed all of its work, Classis adjourned o Wednesday at about 2:00 P.M., with the chairman leading in closing prayer.

For its next regular meeting on September 3, 2008, classis will be hosted by the Peace PRC in Lansing, Illinois, the Lord willing. Classis West is planning to have its March 4, 2009 meeting hosted by Edgerton PRC, and the September 2, 2009 meeting to be hosted by the Randolph PRC.

Rev. Richard Smit, Stated Clerk