Report of Classis West

(Continued session of March 15, 1966 and the regular, spring session of March 16 and 17, 1966) 

The continued session of the September, 1965 meeting of Classis West was held on March 15, 1966 at South Holland, Illinois. Of the twelve churches residing in Classis West, eight churches were represented by two delegates, three churches were represented by one delegate and one church was not represented. 

Rev. C. Hanko, having conducted the opening devotions, continued to serve as chairman of this session of Classis. Rev. D. Engelsma functioned as clerk. 

A letter from the Stated Clerk revealed that all the appeals which had necessitated this continued session had been withdrawn temporarily so that the committee appointed by Classis might continue to work with the parties involved. 

Classis then approved the action of the Classical Committee of rescheduling the continued Classis (originally scheduled for January 2, 1966) for March 15, 1966. Also, Classis decided to follow the advise of the Classical Committee to hold the regular, March, 1966 Classis in South Holland, Illinois, instead of Edgerton, Minnesota. 

A letter from the committee appointed to study the eight appeals brought to the September, 1965 Classis and to work with the parties involved was read. In this letter, the committee informed Classis that they had worked as committee from January 11 through January 19, that reconciliation had been attained on one important point in, the case, and that the committee requested to be continued. Classis granted this request.

After adjournment, elder W. Griess closed with prayer.

At 9:00 A.M., March 16, 1966, Classis West convened at our church in South Holland, Illinois. All the churches were represented by two delegates, except for three churches which had only one delegate present. 

Rev. J.A. Heys served as chairman of the Classis. Rev. C. Hanko functioned as clerk. Rev. Heys gave a special word of welcome to Rev. R. Decker, who was at Classis as a delegate for the first time. 

The congregations of Randolph, Forbes, Isabel, Edgerton and Pella requested classical appointments. Classis decided to ask Classis East to supply Randolph and drew up the following schedule for the other four churches: EDGERTON: April 17, 24—3. Kortering; May 8, 15—D. Engelsma; June 5, 12—C. Hanko; July 3—R. Decker; July 24, 3—J. Kortering; Aug. 21, 28—G. Vanden Berg; Sept. 18, 25—B. Woudenberg. PELLA: April—G. Vanden Berg; May—G. Vanden Berg; June—J. Kortering; July—J. Heys; Aug.—R. Decker; Sept.—D. Engelsma. ISABEL-FORBES: April 17, 24, May 1—R. Decker; May 8, 15, 22—J. Heys; Sept. 18, 25—C. Hanko. Isabel and Forbes received few appointments since they expect Student D. Kuiper to “speak a word of edification” for them, this summer. 

Classis granted the subsidy requests of Doon, Edgerton, Forbes, Isabel, Loveland, Lynden, Oak Lawn and Randolph and sent the requests to Synod for final approval. 

The delegates discussed at some length an overture from the Oak Lawn consistory dealing with “Memorials to Man in our Churches.” Oak Lawn urges the rejection of “the idea and practice of establishing memorials in the name of man, within the sphere of our churches.” 

Classis sent the overture to Synod but voted down a motion to approve the overture. 

Lynden’s request for permission to ask collections in our churches was granted and sent on to Synod. 

Classis closed its activities on Wednesday with the electing of various functionaries. Results of the voting were the following: 1) Stated Clerk—Rev. D. Engelsma. 2) Assistant Stated Clerk—Rev. J. Kortering. 3) Third member of the Classical Committee—elder E. Van Egdom. 4) Church Visitors—Rev. J. Heys and Rev. C. Hanko. 5) Delegates ad examina—Rev. C. Hanko, primus for three years; Rev. R. Decker, secundus for three years; Rev. J. Kortering, secundus for two years (to fill out the term of Rev. G. Van Baren). 6) Delegates to Synod—Ministers Primi: D. Engelsma, C. Hanko, J. Kortering and G. Vanden Berg. Ministers Secundi: R. Decker, J. Heys and B. Woudenberg. Elders Primi: T. Feenstra, W. Griess, T. Kooima and E. Van Egdom. Elders Secundi: J. Blankespoor, G. Hoekstra, H. Miersma and C. Vander Molen. 

At 8:00 Thursday morning, Classis resumed its work. Classis heard an oral report from the committee appointed to work with the parties of the eight appeals directed to the September, 1965 Classis and continued this committee, mandating them to report at the September, 1966 Classis. 

Classis adjourned before noon on Thursday, March 17, and Rev. D. Engelsma closed with prayer. 

The September, 1966 session of Classis West is to be held in Edgerton, Minnesota. 

—D.J. Engelsma, Stated Clerk