Report of Classis West

Report of Classis West, held in South Holland, Illinois March 5, 1969 

Rev. C. Hanko presided over the Classis which met all day Wednesday. Thirteen elders and eight ministers represented the twelve churches of Classis West. For the first time, the congregation of Isabel sent to Classis a minister of her own, Rev. R. Moore. 

Classis drew up the following schedule of classical appointments, which includes the appointments which Classis West asked Classis East to provide. FORBES: March 23 & 30—R. Moore; April 13 & 20—R. Decker; May 11 &18—G. Lanting; June 15 & 22—C. Hanko; July 13 & 20—Classis East; August 10 & 17—G. Vanden Berg; September 7—R. Moore. PELLA: July 13 & 20—G. Lanting; August 10 & 17—Classis East; August 31—R. Decker; September 7—G. Vanden Berg. HULL: March 23 & 30—G. Vanden Berg; April 13 & 20—Classis East; May 11 & 18—Classis East; June 15 & 22—R. Decker; July 13 & 20—Classis East; August 10—G. Lanting; August 31 & September 7—B. Woudenberg. LOVELAND: May 25, June 1 & 8—R. Moore. SOUTH HOLLAND: Classis East is requested to supply South Holland during the next six months. 

Oak Lawn’s consistory brought an overture to Classis, that Classis decide to reject the program of Social Security for ministers, recently established by the government. Oak Lawn pointed out that our churches themselves have a fund for emeritus ministers, and that it is the responsibility of the churches, not of the government, to care for needy ministers. Classis decided that it could not reject the Social Security program because the law now is that all ministers must pay social security tax, unless one has conscientious objections to governmental insurance. This overture, however, will be on the Agenda of Synod, with the request of Classis West that Synod review our emeritation program in the light of the recent development of Social Security for ministers. 

The subsidy requests of Doon, Edgerton, Forbes (with a minister), Isabel, Loveland, Lynden, Oak Lawn, Pella (with a minister), and Randolph were approved and forwarded to Synod. Classis also approved the request of Isabel to ask for collections in the churches of Classis East. The purpose of these collections will be the assistance of Isabel in buying a home for their minister and his family. This request also goes to Synod for final approval. 

There were elections for various positions: Stated Clerk (3 years)—Rev. D. Engelsma; Assistant Stated Clerk (3 years)—Rev. R. Decker; Classical Committee of Classis West (1 year)—Elder A. Hendriks; Delegate ad examina, primus (3 years)—Rev. C. Hanko; Delegate ad examina, secundus (3 years)—Rev. D. Kuiper; Church Visitors—Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G. Lanting; Minister delegates to Synod—D. Engelsma, C. Hanko, G. Lanting and G. Vanden Berg (Alternates—R. Decker, D. Kuiper, R. Moore and B. Woudenberg); Elder delegates to Synod—T. Feenstra, G. Griess, H. Huisken and C. Van Der Molen (Alternates—G. Broekhuis, J. Haak, L. Nelson and B. Wories). 

The cost of this Classis was $1730.14. 

Classis West will meet next in Randolph, Wisconsin on September 3, 1969, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West