March 3-4, 2010

Classis West convened in regular session on March 3-4, 2010 in the Loveland PRC of Loveland, CO. Rev. Douglas Kuiper chaired this session. Classis welcomed back Rev. T. Miersma, recently installed pastor of Immanuel PRC, who had not been a delegate to Classis West for the past 15 years, while he served our churches as missionary. Absent was our newest minister, Rev. C. Griess, who was unable to attend because his wife’s pregnancy was near term.

Loveland PRC requested Classis to declare Rev. R. Miersma emeritus for reasons of health, and to make his emeritation retroactive to January 1, 2010. This request Classis granted, and with Classis’ decision the synodical deputies from Classis East concurred.

First Edgerton PRC requested Classis to approve the organization of the Heritage Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Sioux Falls, SD into an instituted congregation. Fourteen families and two individuals from the HPRF signed a paper stating this to be their desire. Classis approved this request, and again the synodical deputies from Classis East concurred. Classis appointed First Edgerton PRC as the body to carry out this organization, and Rev. D. Lee was appointed moderator of the congregation that will be established in Sioux Falls.

Southeast PRC, host of Synod 2010, asked Classis West to approve delaying the starting date of Synod 2010 from June 8 to June 15. The motion to grant this request failed.

In closed session, Classis dealt with matters of discipline. After hearing reports from two consistories regarding baptized members living impenitently in sin, and after hearing of the labors of these consistories regarding the erring members, Classis advised both consistories to proceed with erasure.

Classis was also informed by a consistory that it had, with the concurrence of a neighboring consistory, suspended its pastor from exercising his office, and that it sought Classis’ approval to proceed with his deposition. After deliberation, Classis did advise the consistory to proceed with this deposition. With this decision the synodical deputies from Classis East also concurred.

Members of two congregations brought appeals to Classis, asking that Classis declare that certain decisions of their respective consistories were in error. Due to the nature of these decisions and the related appeals, Classis also treated these in closed session. After deliberation, Classis rejected both appeals.

Classis approved a classical appointment schedule for the vacant congregations of Bethel and Hull, appointed Rev. Cory Griess as moderator of Hull PRC during its vacancy, and also committed to supply the pulpit of Cornerstone PRC for four Sundays in April and May.

Classis approved subsidy requests for Lynden PRC for 2010. Classis also approved subsidy requests from Bethel PRC, Covenant of Grace PRC, First Edmonton PRC, Immanuel PRC, and Lynden PRC for 2011. These requests were then forwarded to Synod 2010, which must give final approval to them.

At the close of its meeting, Classis conducted its annual elections. As minister delegates to Synod, Classis chose Revs. Key, R. Kleyn, Kuiper, N. Langerak, and Spronk. As their alternates, Classis chose Revs. Griess, Lee, Marcus, Overway, and VanderWal. Elder delegates are Elders Robert Brands (Loveland), Alvin Bylsma (Calvary), Henry Ferguson (First Edmonton), Michael Gritters (Redlands), and Dewey VanDerNoord (South Holland), with Elders Jim Andringa (Hull), Glenn Feenstra (Redlands), Chester Hunter (Edgerton), Rick Span (Immanuel), and Edward Stouwie Jr. (South Holland) chosen as alternates. In other elections, Rev. Kuiper was elected to a three-year primus term as synodical deputy, and Rev. Kleyn to a three-yearsecundus term. Rev. Key was appointed to a three-year term on the classical committee. Revs. Key, Kleyn, Kuiper, and Marcus were chosen to be church visitors for the upcoming year, with Revs. Overway and VanderWal as alternates.

The expenses of Classis totaled $12,017.27.

God willing, the September 2010 meeting of Classis will be held in the Hull PRC of Hull, IA, and the March 2011 meeting in the South Holland PRC of South Holland, IL.

Rev. Douglas Kuiper,

Stated Clerk