Rev. George Lanting, president of the previous Classis, led the Classis in its opening devotions by reading John 17 and by addressing the Classis from this passage.

Eleven of the twelve churches in the Classis West were represented at Classis. Oak Lawn sent the Classis a letter expressing regret at their inability to send delegates to this Classis. 

Rev. Richard G. Moore served as president of Classis for the first time. 

In grief, Classis learned from the consistory of Oak Lawn that their minister, the Rev. Gerald Vanden Berg, has requested and received a certificate of dismissal from the Oak Lawn Protestant Reformed Church. The consistory also informed Classis that the congregation has continued to hold worship services regularly, in spite of the leaving of their minister. Rev. Robert Decker of South Holland has been preaching for them at an afternoon service. Oak Lawn asked Classis for classical appointments, and she asked that Rev. Decker be appointed her moderator. Classis granted both of these requests. Above all, Oak Lawn asked for the prayers of the Classis and our churches in her present distress. 

In executive session, Classis advised a consistory on disciplinary action. 

Classis adopted a schedule of classical appointments for the vacant churches in Doon and Hull, Iowa; Forbes, North Dakota; Oak Lawn, Illinois; and Randolph, Wisconsin. This schedule includes the request for help from Classis East. Rev. Decker was appointed moderator also of Randolph. 

Classis West will meet next in Doon, Iowa, on March 3, 1971, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated clerk 

Classis West