September 1, 2, 2009

Classis West met in regular session on September 1 and 2, 2009, in the new sanctuary of the Randolph PRC.

On the agenda were nine protests. Six of them protested the decision of the May Classis instructing a consistory and a special committee of Classis to labor pastorally with its minister, directing him to seek release from the ministry under Article 12 of the Church Order. The other three protests regarded other related matters. Classis did not sustain any of these protests.

Also on the agenda was the request of a minister to be declared emeritus for health reasons. Classis did not treat this request because the matter was not finished at the level of Bethel’s consistory.

Three churches came to Classis with special requests. Bethel PRC requested permission to call another minister, and requested additional subsidy to make it possible for her to support a second minister. Lynden PRC requested a reduction in synodical assessments, due to the loss of over 10% of her families during this calendar year. And Calvary PRC, having heard the good news that Candidate Cory Griess accepted her call to be her first pastor, asked that a special meeting of Classis West be scheduled to examine Mr. Griess with a view to his ordination. All these requests were granted. The special classis is scheduled for October 21, hosted by Calvary PRC with a call to worship to be scheduled for October 20 so that Candidate Griess can preach a specimen sermon to the Classis.

Immanuel PRC and Bethel PRC were both given classical appointments per their request.

The total expenses of this Classis amounted to $11,244.36.

The next regular meeting of Classis is scheduled for March 3, 2010, in Loveland, CO.

May God bless the decisions of Classis for the welfare of the churches.

Rev. Douglas Kuiper,

Stated Clerk