Report of Classis West

Classis West met in Pella, Iowa on March 1. Seven ministers and fourteen elders represented the churches of Classis West. 

Rev. R. Decker, president of the previous Classis, led the Classis in opening devotions. He read from Ephesians 4 and addressed the delegates on verses 1-3. 

Rev. J. Kortering presided over the Classis, and Rev. R. Decker served as secretary. 

The Taped Sermon Committee, consisting of Mr. Garret Flikkema and Mrs. John Flikkema from the South Holland congregation, reported that it will soon have a complete series on the Heidelberg Catechism and that it now has “a good supply of special sermons on hand.” This committee made the following requests of those who borrow tapes: “We would- request that upon using a tape, the particular consistory using it please mark either the tape or the box as to the date used and the name of the church that used it … It would also be nice if those returning tapes would send either a card or a letter telling when they are sending them, since we feel that we have lost a few, tapes in the mail.” 

The Church Visitors of Classis West, Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G. Lanting, gave their report. Included in this report were these remarks: “Gratefully we can also report that there is abundant evidence that the blessings of our covenant God are upon our churches. Peace, unity and spiritual growth are manifest and the office-bearers testify to diligence in the exercise of the duties of the offices in the church . . . One thing especially impressed us during the visits made to the churches during the past year. All the churches, though in varying degrees perhaps, are, nevertheless, zealous about and active in church extension and missionary labors. By means of either printed material, radio programs or lectures, or a combination of two or more of these means, each congregation labors to make the truth of God’s Word known outside its own immediate circle. Moreover, in most of our visits we spent more time in discussing this aspect of the calling of the church than we did regarding any other particular labor. And these discussions were prompted by the consistories themselves. A sure testimony that the Spirit of Truth is active in the churches. For this we as churches should be exceedingly thankful.” 

The Council of the South Holland Protestant Reformed Church presented an “Overture Re Future Seminary Building.” The overture follows: “Much as we are in favor of, building our own seminary, we nevertheless come to you with the overture that Classis urge Synod to rescind their decision to purchase the two lots at the proposed Cambridge site for this purpose. GROUNDS: A. This site is in a potential ‘problem area’, subject to the threat of racial takeover in the (not too distant) future, resulting in an inevitable devaluation of all real estate involved. B. To spend in excess of $70,000.00 under such conditions could well lead to financial disaster, and is not in the best interest of our churches. C. At. this time, the Cambridge property can still be sold, at ANY PRICE, and the proceeds used for a down payment on property (lots) at the right location, away from ‘problem areas.’ Better to lose one, three, or even five, thousand dollars now, than to jeopardize $70,000.00 or more. D. Monies required for the new project can be raised the same way as proposed for the original project, namely by funds and donations from all of our churches.” Classis decided to forward the overture, to Synod “without prejudice” on the ground that “Classis lacks objective information to decide on the overture.” 

The Consistory of the Oak Lawn Church informed Classis that Oak Lawn has decided to disband and that the congregation stopped holding worship services at the end of August, 1971. The Consistory asked Classis’ approval of Oak Lawn’s decision to disband. Classis gave its approval. 

A Consistory asked Classis’ advice on its decision to erase a baptized member. In executive session, Classis heard details of the case and advised the Consistory to proceed with erasure. 

Classis adopted the following schedule for Classical Appointments. 

Forbes: March 12—J. Kortering; March 26—R. Miersma; April 9—J. Kortering; April 16—R. Moore; April 30—R. Miersma; May 7—J. Kortering; May 21—R. Miersma; September 3—B. Woudenberg. 

Randolph: March 26—R. Decker; April 9, 16—D. Kuiper; May 7—R. Decker; May 21—D. Kuiper; September 10—B. Woudenberg. 

Redlands: March 19, 26—R. Moore; April 9, 16—G. Lanting; May 7, 14—D. Engelsma. This schedule assumes that the vacant churches will request, and receive, supply in the summer months from the Seminary. 

Seven Churches, Edgerton, Forbes, Isabel, Loveland, Lynden, Pella, and Randolph, requested subsidy for 1973. 

Classis granted these requests and sent them on to Synod. Classis conducted the necessary elections with the following results: 

Stated Clerk of Classis—Rev. D. Engelsma 

Ass’t. Stated Clerk—Rev. J. Kortering 

Classical Committee—Rev. R. Moore 

Delegates ad examina 

Primus—Rev. D. Engelsma 

Secundus—Rev. D. Kuiper 

Church Visitors—Rev. J. Kortering and Rev. G. Lanting 

Delegates to Synod: 



R. Decker, D. Engelsma, J. Kortering, G. Lanting


R. Miersma, R. Moore, B. Woudenberg



J. DenHartog (Lynden), T. Feenstra (Redlands), W. Griess (Loveland), H. Huisken (Edgerton)


E. Bruinsma (Loveland)

E. Gritters (Hull)

J. Hoekstra (Hull)

B. Menninga (Pella)

Classis will meet next in Hull, Iowa on September 6, 1972, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk

Classis West