Classis West held a special meeting on Wednesday, November 29, in Lynden PRC. The purpose of this meeting was to examine Pastors-elect Brian Feenstra and Stephan Regnerus, who had accepted the calls extended to them by Immanuel PRC (Lacombe) and Lynden PRC, respectively.

The night before Classis, Lynden held a special worship service at which Pastor-elect Regnerus preached a specimen sermon on Romans 12:1-2. On Wednesday morning, after Classis was constituted, Pastor-elect Feenstra preached a specimen sermon on Revelation 5:1-17. Classis approved both sermons, and then proceeded to examine the men in ten different subject areas for 20 minutes each. The oral examination lasted until mid-afternoon. Both men gave a good account of their knowledge, convictions, and spiritual character. Classis West, with the concurrence of the synodical deputies from Classis East, unanimously approved their examinations and advised both consistories to proceed with their ordinations. Pastor-elect Regnerus’ ordination in Lynden took place Friday, December 1, and Pastor-elect Feenstra’s ordination in Lacombe occurred on Sunday, December 10.

Lynden PRC did a fine job of hosting the meeting of Classis, and the delegates had several opportunities to enjoy good fellowship with each other and with the congregation.

The expenses of Classis totaled $14,964.87. The next meeting of Classis is scheduled for March 7, 2018, in Loveland PRC.

Rev. Joshua Engelsma

Stated Clerk, Classis West