Classis West convened on the morning of September 25, 1946, at nine o’clock in the Protestant Reformed Church of Oskaloosa, Iowa.

After the meeting was opened with the usual devotional exercises conducted by the Rev. L. Vermeer, the credentials were presented, showing all the delegates from the various consistories present.

Thereupon the Rev. P. Vis took over the presidency for the day. He first of all extended a word of welcome to all the delegates, and particularly to the Rev. A. Petter who was attending our Classis for the first time as delegate from Orange City, and also to the Synodical delegates for Examination, the Revs. J. Heys, B. Kok and R. Veldman from Classis East, who were meeting with us for the examination of Candidate James Howerzyl, pastor-elect of our Oskaloosa Church.

Advisory vote was extended to these three brethren from Classis East.

The main matter on the agenda was the examination of Candidate James Howerzyl, which Classis took up at once in the morning session.

Candidate Howerzyl preached a sermon on John 3:16, followed by an examination in the various branches as drawn up by the Classical Committee as follows:

Rev. G. Vos examined the candidate on the first two loci of dogmatics.

Rev. J. Blankespoor examined him on the next two loci.

Rev. C. Hanko examined him on the last two loci.

Rev. P. De Boer conducted the examination in Controversy.

Rev. L. Vermeer took the examination on Knowledge of the Confessions.

Rev. P. Vis carried on the examination on Knowledge of the Scriptures.

Rev. Petter concluded the examination with questions on Practica.

Each examiner was given twenty minutes.

After the examination was completed the Synodical delegates for Examination presented their vote of approval, and Classis expressed that the Candidate James Howerzyl has proven to be spiritually and intellectually qualified to be admitted to the ministry of the Word in our Churches, and advised the consistory of the Protestant Reformed Church of Oskaloosa, Iowa, to proceed with the ordination.

The candidate was informed of this decision by the Rev. G. Vos, who was appointed by the chair to extend this information to him with a few well-chosen words. The Rev. P. De Boer led the assembly in prayer to our God, thanking Him for His gift to His Church. The entire assembly then arose to sing the doxology in the Dutch language. After which opportunity was given to all present to extend their congratulations and wish the candidate the Lord’s blessing.

The Sermon Committee reported to Classis that the next sermon book is not yet ready for publication, but will be published in the near future. The committee also informed Classis that they had sold a number of copies of volumes III and IV, and that they still have thirty copies available for those who are interested at $2.00 per volume, or $4.00 a set.

Since the two previous Synods referred the matter of the revision of our present Psalter back to the Classes for further study, Classis West decided to refer this matter back to the various consistories, that they may study the changes that have already been suggested, and present their advice at our next Classis meeting.

A consistory came to Classis with the information that one of their members had now complied with a requirement made by this Classis in March, 1943. Classis decided that it could not enter into this matter, because this consistory did no come with any definite instruction or request, and also because this party should present his own case to the Classis by way of his consistory.

Three brethren were chosen to be proposed to our next Synod as Synodical delegates for Examination from Classis West. The three brethren chosen are: the Reverends A. Cammenga, G. Vos and J. Blankespoor. Their respective alternates are: the Reverends P. Vis, L. Vermeer and A. Petter.

The Reverends P. De Boer and L. Doezema were chosen as church visitors for the churches of California. The Reverends L. Doezema and C. Hanko were chosen for Manhattan. The Reverends J. Blankespoor and A. Petter were chosen for the churches in the midwest. The Rev. P. Vis will serve as alternate for the last two.

Upon a request of the Mission Committee, Classis decided to supply the pulpit of our Hull Church for the Sundays of October 6 and 13, since the Rev. A. Cammenga would be serving the Mission Committee by preaching elsewhere at the time. Rev. P. De Doer was appointed for the Sunday of October 6 and Rev. G. Vos for October 13.

At the close of the meeting the gathering sang Psalter No. 276, and Rev. G. Vos led in thanksgiving and prayer.

Rev. C. Hanko, Stated Clerk