In Session March 3, 1948 at Hull, Iowa

The meeting was opened with the usual devotionals, conducted by Rev. J. Blankespoor, president of the previous meeting.

All the churches of Classis West were represented by two delegates except Bellflower and Redlands who represented only by their respective ministers. The delegates present for the first time signed the Formula of Subscription.

After the meeting was declared constituted, Rev. A. Cammenga took up the presidency, and Rev. J. Blankespoor officiated as clerk.

The president spoke a word of welcome to the members of Classis, especially to those present for the first time and to Rev. W. Hofman who also was in our midst.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Rev. W. Hofman was given advisory vote.

The stated clerk reported on correspondence, stating that he had carried out his specific instructions.

A letter was read from Rev. G. Vos, who accepted a call to our congregation in Hudsonville, Michigan, stating his heartfelt gratitude for the communion he might enjoy with us and for the labors he might perform while in our midst. Later in the day Rev. C. Hanko expressed similar sentiments, since he will soon leave for his new field of labor in Fuller Ave. The president in turn spoke a few appropriate words of gratitude to the latter, both for his work as delegate and as stated clerk. The stated clerk was instructed to write Rev. Vos a letter of thanks and appreciation.

The report of the Classical Committee was read and received for information.

Reports of church visitation in Iowa and California were given. Since the matter of church visitation in Manhattan was to be taken up at this meeting, Revs. P. Vis and L. Vermeer were appointed to do same while filling classical appointments in Manhattan.

Doon consistory requested Classis to make provisions for making another set of sermon books for reading services, in the light of the future need. Decided to table this matter until the next meeting.

Manhattan requested the appointment of a moderator. Rev. A. Petter appointed.

Manhattan and Edgerton also requested classical appointments. It was decided to grant these congregations such to the equivalent of one appointment every other Sunday, but that those going to Manhattan must preach there for two successive Sundays. Later in the day the committee, appointed to arrange these, reported, which reports were adopted with a few changes. As Classis decided they are as follows:

For Edgerton, Minn.: March 14, Rev. J. Blankespoor; March 28, Rev. A. Cammenga; April 11, Rev. J. Howerzyl; April 25, Rev. A. Petter; May 9, Rev. J. Van Weelden; May 23, Rev. L. Vermeer; June 6, Rev. P. Vis; June 20, Rev. J. Blankespoor; July 4, Rev. A. Cammenga; July 18, Rev. J. Howerzyl; August 1, Rev. A. Petter; August 15, Rev. J. Van Weelden; August 29, Rev. L. Vermeer; September 5, Rev. L. Doezema.

For Manhattan no dates were specified since the exact time of Rev. Hanko’s departure was not yet certain. The order in which the appointments were given is as follows: Rev. P. Vis; Rev. L. Vermeer; Rev. J. Van Weelden; Rev. A. Petter; Rev. J. Howerzyl; Rev. P. De Boer; Rev. L. Doezema; Rev. A. Cammenga; Rev. J. Blankespoor.

A consistory requested Classis to grant her approval to proceed in applying further censure to two members of her congregation. After ample light had been shed on the case by the President of that Consistory, Classis decided to advise them to proceed.

Overture from Oskaloosa. The consistory requested Classis to overture Synod to authorize the Theological School Committee to employ either a full or part-time secretary to assist Rev. Hoeksema, when and in the event he is able to resume his labors, and to raise the Theological School assessments accordingly. Carried.

The consistory of Sioux Center requested Classis to overture Synod as follows:

  1. That Synod reconsider a previous decision that our churches have a Theological School Building. After a rather lengthy and profitable discussion Classis decided not to comply with this request.
  2. That Synod assess all of the Churches an amount which it deems proper for a Foreign Mission Fund. Classis decided not to comply with this request.
  3. That Synod, which has supervision of our Theological School and E. B. P. Fund, take steps which are in adherence to Art. 19 of our Church Order, in view of the fact that we have a definite shortage of students for the ministry in our Seminary. Classis expressed that according to its opinion all that should be done to further this cause is being done.
  4. That Synod encourage the delegates, traveling by auto, to travel together as much as possible to save expenses. This overture was not adopted by the Classis for several reasons, even though it was expressed that all the delegates should continually bear this in mind.

It was decided to advise Synod regarding subsidies as follows: Manhattan, $700; Doon, $800; Pella, $1,300; and Orange City, $2,800.

The floor was now given to Rev. W. Hofman who gave a short resume of the mission work performed and the prospects in Byron Center, Canada, and Lynden, Washington. The president expressed a word of thanks and also of encouragement to the brother.

The following were chosen as delegates to our next Synod:


Primi: J. Blankespoor, A. Cammenga, L. Doezema, L. Vermeer

Secundi: P. Vis J. Howerzyl A. Petter P. De Boer


Primi: H. Leep, W. De Vries, G. Mesman, P. Hoekstra

Secundi: R. Brunsting W. Huisken J. Broek J. Kuiper

Rev. J. Blankespoor was chosen to replace Rev. C. Hanko as Stated Clerk.

In the place of Rev. G. Vos as member of the Classical Committee. Rev. A. Petter was chosen, and as Dep ad Examina, Rev. L. Vermeer.

Classis decided to accept the invitation of Pella, Iowa, to hold our Fall meeting in their church.

The questions according to Art. 41 of the Church Order were satisfactorily answered.

The minutes of the day were adopted.

After a few words of appreciation were spoken by the president for the splendid cooperation given him during the day and the blessed spirit of love manifested. Rev. C. Hanko closed the meeting with prayer to our covenant God.

J. Blankespoor, S. C.


Subscript: This morning, April 8, the Rev. Blankespoor writes me, requesting the reason why the above report did not appear in a recent issue of the paper. The reason is that I never received it. It must be, as he suggests, that it was lost in the mails. He instructs me to print the report as it appeared in Concordia, which I do at this time.— (Ed.)