Convened, Mar. 2, at Edgerton, Minn.

Rev. A. Cammenga calls the meeting to order. After the usual preliminaries the credentials’ are forwarded and approved and the meeting is declared constituted. Rev. L. Doezema now functions as chairman and Rev. A. Cammenga as secretary.

A letter from Rev. J. Blankespoor, the former stated clerk of Classis West was read, in which he expresses farewell to this Classis inasmuch as he leaves for Classis East. Classis decides to answer this letter expressing our appreciation for work done in Classis West.

Church visitors from Iowa-Minn. report; likewise from California. Both reports are encouraging. Classical committee renders report of work done during the interim. Doon congregation requests three classical appointments, two are given her. Doon likewise requests that she be allowed to call one of the missionaries but Classis decides not to grant this request because the reasons given are not preponderant.

The Sioux Center church expresses its appreciation for financial aid in years past. Classis sends this expression of gratitude on to the Synod. The Bellflower church presents an overture, the thrust of which is to send a communication to the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church, composing a testimonial to this Church in re the issues of Common Grace and related matters. Classis West adds various suggestions to the overture and then sends it on. The Hull Church requests Classis to overture Synod to obtain a missionary at the earliest possible convenience to labor among the immigrants in Canada. Classis adopts this with slight changes. Classis overtures Synod to obtain a Holland-speaking missionary who can labor among the Dutch immigrants.

Classis considered the matter of subsidies and decided as follows: Orange City $2800.00 per year; Doon (in event they receive a minister) $450.00 per year; Pella, $1000.00 per year.

Classical appointments were arranged as follows: For Doon—March 20 S. Cammenga; March 27 J. Van Weelden; April 10 M. Gritters; April 24 J. Howerzyl; May 8 A. Petter; May 23 P. De Beer; June 19 and 26 P. Vis; July 10 A. Cammenga; July 24 S. Cammenga; August 7 P. De Boer; August 21 A. Petter; Sept. 4 J. Van Weelden.

Classis West voted as follows: Rev. J. Van Weelden is elected as member of the Classical Committee to fill the unexpired term of Rev. J. Blankespoor; Rev. M. Gritters as Deputy Ad Examina to fill the unexpired term of Rev. J. Blankespoor; as stated clerk Classis voted Rev. M. Gritters.

Here follow the delegates chosen to represent Classis West at the forthcoming Synod:



P. De Boer

A. Cammenga

M. Gritters

P. Vis


J. Howerzyl

A. Petter

L. Vermeer

L. Doezema



T. Kooima

C. Vander Molen

C. De Vries

B. Gritters


J. Broek

J. Kuiper

H. P. Van Dyken

Wm. Vis

In connection with this delegation Classis decides that the alternate with the highest number of votes becomes first choice for alternate for any of the primi, the others to serve as second, third and fourth delegates.

Since both Oskaloosa and Sioux Center invite Classis to hold its next session there Classis had to choose which pleasure to adopt. Decided to meet in Oskaloosa, first Wednesday in September.

The usual questions Art. 44 of D.K.O. are asked and satisfactorily answered. In the meantime Rev. Van Weelden had been dispatched to thank the Edgerton ladies for the fine meals they served Classis which work he carried out graciously. The rough minutes are read and accepted.

After singing Psalm 89:1 Rev. Petter closes the meeting with thanksgiving to God.

REV. M. GRITTERS (stated clerk)