Chairman of the previous Classis, Rev. A. Petter, calls the brethren together in the auditorium of the Hull Church, and after singing Psalter No. 240, and reading I John 2 he offers prayer.

The credentials are forwarded and the roll-call reveals that there are eleven congregations present with a delegation of eleven pastors and nine elders. Rev. J. Van Weelden is chairman of this meeting and Rev. A. Petter records the minutes. After a word of welcome to all and especially to the Revs. De Jong and H. C. Hoeksema, who are now residing in our Classis, the meeting hears the minutes of the two previous Classes and accepts them as recorded.

The first matter Classis considered was the matter of publication of a sermon book. It was reported that Classis East was publishing a sermon book covering the special occasions, hence our consistories were referred to Classis East for purchase of this book. Classis however went on record as favoring the making of an own sermon book. Instead of a book it decided that it will make punched copies. Each minister to send in one sermon, twelve pages long and the committee in charge, Revs. Howerzyl and Gritters, will make forty copies thereof.

Rev. H. C. Hoeksema is appointed to fill in the vacancy in the Jubilee Committee caused by the departure of Rev. A. Cammenga; and the letter from Classis East concerning this matter of the Anniversary Booklet is referred to our committee: Revs. A. Petter, J. Van Weelden and H. C. Hoeksema.

The Edgerton church asks advice concerning the erasure of two delinquent baptized members. After the necessary light was shed Classis advises Edgerton to proceed with the censure.

Three instructions appeared at Classis. Two from Pella, one dealing with the matter of a separate Yearbook and one dealing with the distribution of the Yearbook were rejected. Doon’s instruction concerning a Committee of Pre-advice in matters financial was accepted and forwarded to Synod. This Committee would function so that it would take note of all matters involving finance during the sessions of Synod, as well as such regular financial matters as subsidies, treasurer’s reports, etc., and would then present to Synod an over-all financial picture toward the end of its session, giving its advice as to increase or decrease of various assessments or as to suspension of assessments for different funds.

A communication from the R.F.P.A. about cost of the supplements in the Standard Bearer is received and Classis decides to authorize our treasurer to defray the expenses involved of printing our reports in the Standard Bearer.

Three subsidy requests are received and forwarded to Synod. Doon asks for $450.00 subsidy, Pella for $800.00 and Orange City for $3000.00.

Rev. P. De Boer, member of the Iowa-Minnesota church visitors committee reads his report on the church visiting done. This is followed by the reading of a report by Rev. Vermeer for church visiting done in the California-Montana sector of our churches. Encouraging reports.

The Anniversary Booklet Committee reads its report as does the Classical Committee. Both are received for information.

Classis chooses its delegation to Synod as follows: Pastors—Primi: Revs. P. De Boer, M. Gritters, J. De Jong and J. Howerzyl; Secundi: Revs. L. Vermeer, L. Doezema, A. Petter and S. Cammenga. Elders—Primi: N. Buyert Wm. Huiskens, W. C. De Vries, J. Dokter; Secundi: H. Leep, T. Kooima, J. Sietstra and E. Vander Werf.

Rev. J. De Jong is chosen for Classical

Committee member and his term is one year and a half.

Oskaloosa is the next place of meeting and the date is September 6.

Questions D.K.O. 41 are asked. One consistory asks for advice in the matter of five families in Lethbridge (from the Liberated brethren) who desire to become a branch of the Manhattan church. Classis advises that the matter be held in abeyance in view of the projected visit of our missionary, Rev. A. Cammenga there. Then if necessary to apply again at the next Classis.

Concept minutes are read and approved. Psalter No. 237 is sung and Rev. P. De Boer closes the meeting with prayer.

M. GRITTERS, Stated Clerk