This Classis was called together by Rev. J. Van We el den. Psalter 24 is sung, the Chairman reads Romans 12 and offers prayer.

Roll-call reveals that eleven congregations are represented, but three of them lack an elder representation. Classis’ attention is called to this matter. Complete representation is urged. The credentials are accepted and the meeting constituted.

Rev, L. Vermeer assumes the presidency for the day and Rev. J. Van Weelden records the minutes. He addresses a word of welcome to the delegates present and then calls for the minutes of the former meeting which are read and accepted.

The Sermon-Book Committee (Revs. Howerzyl and Gritters) reports that the work is unfinished, due to the fact that a few of the pastors have not sent in their sermons. The Committee is requested to make punched-leaf copies of the sermons and distribute them throughout the congregations for reading purposes. The Committee, is continued and the pastors urged to send in their sermons at once.

The Jubilee Booklet Committee, (Revs. Petter and Hoeksema) reports that it has finished its work and the Booklet should appear in the near future.

Rock Valley sends an instruction to the effect that we prepare Sermonettes for the Boys in the Armed Forces. Rock Valley reminded Classis, that our Government hopes to maintain a large standing army, that the spiritual conditions under which our Boys must live is extremely undesirable and that it is the calling of the church to feed its flock at all times and that the preparation of such Meditations is the only small way in which we can supply our men with food for soul and thought. Classis did not seem to think the time was ripe for such action, hence Classis decides to table this matter until the next meeting.

Various communications are considered and appropriately answered.

Two of the Classical Committee members’ term expired and Classis votes H. C. Hoeksema and S. Cammenga into the Committee. The Classical Committee is therefore at present composed of the pastors: P. De Boer, J. De Jong, H. C. Hoeksema, and S. Cammenga. Three members Deputaten Ad Examina, are voted too, they are P. De Boer (three year term), A. Petter (two year term), J. De Jong (one year term). And their respective secundi are J. Howerzyl, M. Gritters and H. C. Hoeksema. These brethren will be presented to the forthcoming Synod. In re the secundi the Classis decides that they be placed in the order of voting results and the delegates not able to attend secure an alternate in that order.

Church visitors voted as follows: by appointment Revs. L. Doezema and L. Vermeer visit the California and Montana churches; Revs. De Boer and J. De Jong the rest of the churches, with Rev. M. Gritters alternate for the last two brethren.

Visiting our Classis was Rev. Hettinga from Harlingen, the Netherlands. Rev. J. De Jong is asked by the Chairman, to introduce him and thereafter the visiting pastor addresses the Classis briefly. The President responds with like greetings.

Next meeting of Clas.sis will take place at Hull, Iowa, first Wednesday in March.

Questions DEO 41 are asked. A consistory asks for advice in re a matter of discipline and neglect of the means of grace. Classis gives its answer.

The Chairman thanks the Ladies for their services.

Rev. J. De Jong closes the meeting with prayer to God.

M. GRITTERS, Stated Clerk