A joint communication from two pastors is read to the Classis and received for information after which the Clas­sis considers two documents, one from the Hull Consistory and one from it pastor. Originating from these documents Classis reconsiders the matter of the Letter of Informa­tion which was treated by the last Classis. Last Classis of March had before it a committee report consisting of four points. This Classis expresses that the decisions made at that time in points 1, 2, 3, 4 are to be put into the hands of a committee for report at this meeting. This commit­tee makes its report the substance of which is that the Letter of Information should not have been at Classis and Classis erred in making decisions concerning it. This is adopted. Concerning the protests of four consistory members, appearing at the last Classis of March, and now being reviewed, Classis decided that these should not have been treated by the Classis West until these had been finished with the parties involved. This decision is to be forwarded to the coming Synod. In this connection there were also other documents, present at Classis of March and sent through to Synod, concerning which this Classis decides, that inasmuch as they have not been previously treated by the consistories concerned they should not have been treated at the Mar. Classis either. Synod is also to be informed of this decision.


There is a communication also from the Doon Consis­tory to the effect that there were two matters on the March Agenda of Classis which were never treated, name­ly the Consistory’s instruction to Classis to overture Synod to adopt the Declaration and the protest of a broth­er against the Declaration together with the Consistory’s answer thereto. Classis expresses in this communication that it erred in not answering Doon in this matter and answers also that “by adopting the Protest and Overture of Bellflower by which the action of Synod of 1950 was declared illegal, she exactly did answer the overture of Doon by taking away the ground of her overture.” Adopted. Rev. Homer Hoeksema requests to have his negative vote recorded.

Church visitors voted are as follows: For Manhattan, Revs. Doezema and Vis; for Calif., Revs. Vermeer and Doezema; for the Minn.-Iowa sector, Revs. De Boer and Hofman. To the Classical Committee were voted Revs. Hofman and De Jong.

The next place of meeting will be Rock Valley. First Wednesday in March. Rev. Doezema is appointed to thank the ladies for their catering. Questions DKO 41 are asked and satisfactorily answered.

Minutes of the proceedings are read, and Rev. Doezema closes this session with thanksgiving.

M. Gritters, S. C. Classis West.