Classis West met in Hull, Iowa on March 17-19, 1965. For several reasons this classical gathering will be one long remembered by the delegates (and the host church). First, it was the first meeting of Classis in the Hull Protestant Reformed Church building since the “split” of 1953. Secondly, it was the longest classis in the west in recent years. Finally, it was the only classis, in my memory at any rate, which was held during a raging blizzard.

The only regret, I think, that delegates might have had about meeting in Hull was that our classical meetings were not held there many years earlier. The warmth of the hospitality shown, the quality and quantity of food served these were much appreciated by the delegates.” We can rejoice with our people of Hull that they are able again to worship in a building of their own—and that they have now the means for serving as hosts to our classical gathering, something they could not very well do without their buildings.

The “blizzard of ’65” will be another feature of this meeting long remembered. Doubtlessly the delegates went home with many stories of this event. Very few managed to leave the town of Hull that first Wednesday night. The few who tried either turned back—or ended in the ditch. Many delegates had to stay at homes where guests had not been expected. One could tell of delegates whose bed suddenly collapsed during the night; of California delegates (I should use the singular) who came to Classis on Thursday morning with a large bath towel wrapped around his face and paper sacks serving as boots; of the one-way traffic back home again because of the huge drifts which crossed the roads. 

All our churches were represented except Isabel. Their delegate was stranded in the middle of South Dakota by the storm and was unable to reach Hull. Rev. D. Engelsma served as chairman,—his first opportunity since his ordination,—and functioned very capably in the lengthy and difficult sessions of this Classis. The protests and appeals of the South Holland Consistory and the Oak Lawn School Board occupied most of the time of Classis. It is impossible, in this brief report, to give any sort of fair summary of the case involved and of the decisions of Classis. It is the hope and prayer of the Classis that the three days of labor may prove somewhat beneficial in the settlement of difficulties among brethren. 

The usual subsidy requests were presented and approved by the classis. One unusual fact was that two of our churches who formerly requested subsidy, did not present any requests this time: Hull and Redlands. They are certainly to be commended in their determination to do without any further Synodical support. Delegates chosen for Synod were: Revs. C. Hanko, H. Hanko, J. Kortering, and G. Van Baren as primi delegates. The remaining ministers serve as secundi delegates. The elder primi delegates chosen were: J. Blankespoor, T. Feenstra, G. Hoekstra, and H. Huisken. As secundi were chosen: G. Broekhouse, E. Hauck, P. Jansma, and C. Vander Molen. 

The following classical appointments were made: Pella (one Sunday on each of the months listed)—April G.Vd.B.; May—G.Vd.B.; June—G.vd.B.; July—G.V.B.; August-—G.Vd.B.; Sept.—J.H. The appointments to Lynden are: March 28, Apr. 4, 11—H.H.; May 9, 16, 23—J.K.; June 20, 27, July 4—B.W.; Aug. 1, 8, 15—G.V.B.; Aug. 29, Sept. 5, 12—C.H. The appointments to Isabel were: March 14—D.E.; Apr. 4, 11, 18—B.W. (in combination with Forbes); May 2—J.K.; May 9—G.V.B.; May 30—H.H.; June 27—J.K.; July 11—G.Vd.B.; Aug. 1—J.H.; Aug.—29, Sept. 5, 12—D.E. (combined with Forbes). The appointments to Forbes were: Mar. 21—D.E.; Ap. 4, 11, 18—B.W. (Combined with Isabel); May 16—G.V.B.; June 6—H.H.; July 18—G.Vd.B.; July 25—J.K.; Aug. 8—J.H.; Aug. 15—H.H.; Aug, 29, Sept. 5, 12—D.E. (combined with Isabel). 

Friday afternoon Classis finally adjourned. The Lord willing; the next meeting of Classis will be at South Holland, Illinois. 

—Rev. G. VanBaren, stated clerk