September 4, 2003

The September meeting of Classis West was held in South Holland Protestant Reformed Church in South Holland, IL on Wednesday, September 3. Rev. Douglas Kuiper chaired the meeting.

An officebearers’ conference was held on Tuesday, the day before classis. In addition to the delegates to classis, many visitors also came to hear the speeches and to participate in the discussion. Also attending part of the conference were the 8th grade children of the Protestant Reformed Christian School and all the students and staff of Heritage Christian High School.

The theme of the conference was “Remembering the Schism of 1953.” Prof. R. Dykstra gave the keynote address on “The History and Significance of 1953.” Sectionals followed on related subjects, led by Rev. C. Terpstra, Rev. M. VanderWal, Prof. H. Hanko, Rev. W. Bruinsma, Rev. R. Van Overloop, and Mr. H. Ophoff.

Many comments were made on how enjoyable and profitable the conference was. The theme provided opportunity, on the 50th anniversary of this event, humbly and thankfully to reflect upon the goodness of God in preserving us in the truth through the split of 1953. The speeches were recorded and are available from South Holland PRC.

In business on Wednesday, classis dealt first of all with a letter from our denomination’s Committee for Contact with Other Churches. The committee requested that Classis West help in providing pulpit supply for the congregation in Wingham, Ontario, if such help should be needed. The committee informed classis that this congregation in Canada is seeking affiliation with the Protestant Reformed Churches. Classis approved the request and authorized its classical committee to arrange this pulpit supply, if the Contact Committee should ask for it.

Classis also dealt with one appeal. This appeal concerned some members’ discipline and was treated in closed session. Much time was taken up with this appeal. In the end classis decided to deny the appeal. Classis also gave advice to both the appellants and the consistory concerning this matter.

The expenses for classis totaled $6,028.76.

The Lord willing, classis will hold its next meeting on March 3, 2004 in Redlands, CA.

May the Lord be pleased to bless our churches and His people through the actions and decisions of classis.

Rev. Daniel Kleyn

Stated Clerk, Classis West