Report of Classis West

Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches convened on March 1, 1978 at South Holland, Illinois. Classis lasted a full day, adjourning about 6:00 P.M. 

All twelve churches of the Classis were represented by a minister and an elder. Elders R. Ezinga (Loveland) and H. Zandstra (Randolph), delegated for the first time, signed the Formula of Subscription. Rev. G. Lanting, president of the previous Classis, led Classis in its opening devotions, reading from I Kings 19 and speaking on vss. 1-4. At the request of Rev. G. Lubbers, scheduled to preside over the Classis, Rev. Lubbers was relieved of the task, and Rev. D. Kuiper served as president. 

One of the main matters on Classis’ agenda was the, request of the Pella Consistory that Classis approve their decision to grant the request of their pastor, Rev. G: Lubbers, for emeritation “by reason of age.” Classis gave its approval. The date for Rev. Lubbers’ emeritation is tentatively set for May 1. Rev. G. Laming expressed to Rev. Lubbers, on behalf of the Classis, the churches’ gratitude to God for his faithful labors in the office of the ministry of the gospel and the desire that God will richly bless him and Mrs. Lubbers in their remaining years. Rev. Lubbers is in the 44th year of his ministry, having been ordained in 1934. He has served churches in Doon, Iowa; Pella, Iowa; Randolph, Wisconsin; Creston, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Southwest, Wyoming, Michigan; and, again, in Pella, Iowa. Besides, he has twice served the churches and his Lord as missionary, once as home missionary and then as missionary to Jamaica. After May 1, Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers plan to reside in Jenison, Michigan. 

A protest against a decision of Classis to take action to secure distribution of a legacy, prior to 1983, was sustained. 

Several reports were treated. In connection with the report of the Reading Sermon Committee, Classis asked all the ministers of Classis West to prepare a new reading sermon for the Reading Sermon Library. This library, available to all our churches, is under the supervision of the Edgerton Consistory (c/o Rev. J. Slopsema) 

Pella was given classical appointments: May 14—Rev. R. Miersma; May 28—Rev. M. Hoeksema; June 11—Rev. K. Koole; June 25—Rev. M. Kamps. Rev. M. Hoeksema was appointed counselor of Pella during her vacancy. 

Six churches requested subsidy in the amount of $48,450. Lynden informed Classis that she has decided to become self-supporting; in fact, Lynden decided not to receive the subsidy already granted for 1978. 

The results of the election of various functionaries were the following: Stated Clerk—Rev. D. Engelsma; Assistant Stated Clerk—Rev. R. Miersma; Classical Committee—Rev. M. Kamps; Primus Delegate ad Examina—Rev. D. Engelsma; Secundus Delegate ad Examina—Rev. R. Miersma; Church Visitors—Rev. J. Kortering and Rev. G. Lanting. 

The result of the voting.for delegates to the 1978 Synod was the following: Primi minister delegates—Rev. D. Engelsma, Rev. M. Kamps, Rev. J. Kortering, Rev. G. Lanting; Secundi minister delegates—Rev. W. Bekkering, Rev. D. Kuiper, Rev. R. Miersma, Rev. J. Slopsema; Primi elder delegates—L. Huisken (Redlands), A. Lenting (South Holland), L. Regnerus (South Holland), D. Zylstra (Edmonton); Secundi elder delegates—R. Ezinga (Loveland), B. Menninga (Pella), J. Sugg (Houston), R. Wimberley (Houston). 

Classis accepted Doon’s invitation to hold the next meeting of Classis there on September& 1978, the Lord willing. 

After the questions of Article 41 were asked, resulting in some discussion, Classis adjourned; and Rev. G. Lubbers closed with prayer. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West