Classis East met January 9, 2019 at Hope PRC in Walker, MI. Rev. M. VanderWal by rotation chaired this meeting.

An appeal was ruled to be illegal because it violated Article 30 of the Church Order. A portion of a protest was ruled illegal; another portion of this protest was judged to be legal, but it was not sustained.

The church visitors gave a favorable report of their work in 2018. Rev. K. Koole and Rev. R. VanOverloop were chosen to be church visitors in 2019. Rev. N. Decker was elected to the Classical Committee. He replaces Rev. K. Koole whose term was completed. Rev. C. Haak was elected delegate ad examina primus and Rev. J. Mahtani delegate ad examina secundus. Trinity PRC was granted pulpit supply for their evening services during their vacancy.

Elected to represent Classis East at Synod 2019 were: Revs. G. Eriks, C. Griess, C. Haak, C. Spronk, and R. VanOverloop; elders: Mike Bosveld (Hope PRC), Rick Gritters (Trinity PRC), Gary Lanning (Hudsonville PRC), Pete VanDerSchaaf, and Kevin VanOverloop (both Faith PRC).

Classis advised a consistory to proceed in their dis­cipline of a member after the consistory gave a detailed report of their work and gave evidence of the on-going impenitence of the member under discipline.

Three subsidy requests were forwarded to Synod 2019 with the approval of the Classis.

The expenses for this meeting of Classis East were $1,482.88.

The next meeting of Classis East will be May 8, 2019 at Georgetown PRC, the Lord willing.

Gary Boverhof

Stated Clerk, Classis East