This session of Classis was held at the First Church of Grand Rapids. Rev. M. Schipper conducted the open­ing exercises. After the credentials are received and ac­cepted, Classis is declared constituted.

According to rotation, Rev. G. Vanden Berg now pre­sides. He speaks a few words of welcome and asks for the cooperation of all the delegates.

The Formula of Subscription is signed by those who are delegated to Classis for the first time.

The minutes of the last Classical meeting are read and accepted after a couple corrections are made.

Grand Haven asks for Classical appointments. The fol­lowing schedule was drawn up and adopted by Classis:

April 6 Rev. H.H. Kuiper           June 8 Rev. H. De Wolf

April 20 Rev. G. Lubbers         June 15 Rev. E. Knott

April 27 Rev. G. Vos                June 22 Rev. J. Blankespoor

May 4 Rev. J.A. Heys              June 29 Rev. G. v.d.Berg

May 11 Rev. R. Veldman         July 6 Rev. C. Hanko

May 18 Rev. M. Schipper        July 13 Rev. H.H. Kuiper

May 25 Rev. B. Kok

The Classical Committee reports that they have written to Chatham reminding them of their duty to return to the various Churches the funds that were collected for them for their parsonage. They also reported that they had approved the request of the First Church: “that we approve of their electing Rev. Petter emeritus pastor of the First Prot. Ref. Church for a period of one year, with­out salary.”

First Church forwards a letter of Rev. Petter, in which he requests that the time to protest against the decisions of the Synod of 1951 be extended to the Synod of 1953. Classis decides to grant this request and to so overture the Synod of 1952.

An instruction from Oak Lawn in regard to the fact that material for Classis should be in the hands of the Stated Clerk four weeks before the meeting of Classis is put into the hands of a committee to report at the next Classis. Committee: the Revs. Lubbers, Blankespoor, and Heys.

A protest of a brother against his consistory is read. Classis decides to answer the brother that, since he did not furnish any material evidence, Classis could not enter into his alleged case.

A protest of a brother, and the answer of the Consis­tory, are read and received for information.

It is decided to place this matter in the hands of a com­mittee to report during the afternoon session. The three point advice of the Committee states that with a certain reservation the request of the brother should be granted by the Consistory. Classis decides as follows in this matter:

Classis advises the Consistory to grant the re­quest of the brother and sister to affiliate with another Church. Ground: Art. 82 of the Church Order. This advice does not imply that Classis subscribes to the ground adduced by the protestants.

The following brethren were chosen as Church Visitors: Reverends Vos and Hanko. Alternate, Rev. R. Veldman.

Creston invites Classis to meet there the next time. This invitation was accepted. Classis will meet at Creston Church on July 9, 1952.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk