Rev. M. Schipper called the meeting to order. After the singing of No. 350 from the Psalter the president read a portion of John 14 and led in prayer.

The classical credentials were received and read. The churches were all repre­sented by two delegates except Kala­mazoo, which had sent only one. Classis was declared constituted and Rev. H. Veldman presided for the day.

The delegates who were present at the classis for the first time signed the Articles of Subscription. Rev. H. Veld­man, as president, spoke a few words of welcome to the delegates.

The minutes of the preceding classical meeting were read and approved after one correction was made. The stated clerk reports that he had written to Mr. Kooistra and Mr. Lubbers and notified them of the decisions of classis.

A letter from the consistory of Hol­land, in which they give a different formulation of a former decision of clas­sis, is read and received for information. A motion made to adopt this change failed to carry.

A motion was passed to give Rev. D. Jonker advisory vote.

Letters from Bellflower and Pella were read requesting permission to ask for collections in the churches of Classis East. To both congregations this privilege was granted.

The president appointed Rev. J. De Jong, Rev. M. Schipper and Elder H. De Jong to draw up a schedule for classical appointments. They later in the day submitted the following schedule which was approved by classis:

KALAMAZOO:—July 27, H. Veldman; August 10, P. De Boer; August 24, J. De Jong; September 14, M. Schipper.

GRAND HAVEN:—July 6, G. M. Ophoff; July 20, R. Veldman; August 10, L. Vermeer; August 24, C. Hanko.

HOPE:—July 20, G. M. Ophoff.

A protest from the consistory of Hudsonville against a former decision of classis was read and received for inform­ation.

Classis decided to adjourn until 1:30 P.M. After the reading of the minutes of the morning session, elder H. De Jong closed with prayer.

The afternoon session is opened with prayer by Rev. H. Veldman.

The matter of the Hudsonville protest is again taken up. This matter was dis­cussed at length, with the final result that classis abided by its former decision.

Whereas Candidate John Heys had ac­cepted the call to Hope, the consistory of Hope now comes to the classis with the request to examine Candidate J. Heys at its next classical meeting. This re­quest was granted. The classical com­mittee was appointed to make the neces­sary regulations for this examination.

Rev. G. M. Ophoff was appointed by the Chair to thank the ladies for their services.

Classis decided to hold its next meet­ing Wednesday, October 1, at Fuller Avenue.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were read and answered by each consistory. A motion to adjourn was passed. After the reading of the minutes Rev. C. Hanko closed with prayer.

D. Jonker, Stated Clerk