Rev. C. Hanko called the meeting to order. After the singing of No. 174 from the Psalter, he read I Tim. 4 and led in prayer.

After the credential letters were accepted and classis was declared constituted. Rev. J. Heys was called upon to preside. Ke speaks a few words of welcome and then gives opportunity to those delegates who are present for the first time to sign the Articles of Subscription.

The minutes of the July session are read and accepted. The stated clerk reports that he has carried out all the required correspondence.

A brief report of the Classical Committee and of the Sermon Committee are given. Both are received for information.

An instruction from the Consistory of Holland was ruled out of order by the chair.

Five protests from members against their consistory were read and received for information. Three other protests were declared out of order, since no copy had been sent to the consistory. The reply of the consistory involved was also read and received for information.

The morning session was closed with a word of prayer by Rev. A. Petter.

The afternoon session was opened with singing of Psalter No. 325 and prayer by Rev. M. Schipper.

Classis decided to place the above mentioned protests in the hands of a committee. Classis adjourns in the meantime to give this committee time to go into these matters and to prepare their advice for the Classis.

In the evening session the report of this committee is read and the following decisions were made upon the advice of this committee.

1. That the meaning of Art. 79 D. K. O requires that the action be by agreement of both consistories.

The principle involved is that a consistory is nearly always in danger of being prejudiced concerning a case in its own body. Hence the wisdom of requiring the advice and check of a neighboring consistory.

In the present case it is evident that such advice and check was necessary.

2. That if the consistory involved does not rectify its violations of our Form of Unity, namely, the D. K. O. as advised by the classis of July, it makes it impossible for itself to come to our classes with proper credentials.

Classis also decides to remind this consistory to carry out the advice of the classis held in April.

A brother registers protest against the charges that were made against him in a document that was read at classis.

A belated protest of a brother against his consistory is read and received for information.

The Consistory of Pella, Iowa requests permission to ask for collections in the various Churches of Classis East. Classis decided to grant this request.

A sister, who protested against the Classis, was advised, that the protest should go through her consistory in as far as it deals with her case»

Classis decided that the term of office for the stated clerk and for the treasurer will be three years.

From a nomination of three D. Jonker is chosen as stated clerk.

From a nomination of four the following brethren are chosen as members of the Classical Committee: Rev. J. De Jong and Rev. J. Heys.

Rev. H. Hoeksema and Rev. G. M. Ophoff are chosen as Church Visitors. Their respective secundi are Rev. P. De Boer and Rev. R. Veldman.

Classis decided that its next meeting shall be held in Fuller Ave., on Jan. 6, 1943.

Upon his request, the stated clerk is informed as to what he must write to the various protestants.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked in general this time.

A motion to adjourn carries.

The minutes are read and adopted. Rev. H. Hoeksema closed with thanks unto God.

D. Jonker, S. C.