The January meeting of Classis East was held in the Fuller Ave. Church. Rev. J. Heys called the meeting to order. After the singing of No. 247 from the Psalter, he read Ps. 46 and led in prayer. The credentials were received and accepted, showing that all the churches were represented by two delegates. Rev. B. Kok was then called upon to preside while Rev. J. Heys functioned as secretary.

The minutes of the former classical meeting were read and adopted. The stated clerk reports that he had carried out the instructions of the former classis.

Grand Haven’s consistory came with an instruction asking that Classis East shall overture Synod to prepare and print a booklet containing the Church Order, the Constitutions of the various co1 1miitees and the questions that are asked at Church Visitation, incorporating in them the corrections and changes as they have been adopted by our Synods.

They also asked Classis to overture Synod to take the proper steps to complete our series of Catechism books and helps produced by our own leaders. Classis decided to send these matters through to our next Synod.

The right to ask for a collection in the various churches of Classis East was granted to the consistory of Redlands, in order that they may receive help in financing their weekly broadcasts.

Rev. G. M. Ophoff read the report of the Committee for Church Visitation. From the report it was evident, that conditions on the whole are about normal. The committee reported that they had discontinued the practice of examining the books of the different consistories. The question was raised whether this was really the work of the Church Visitors. Classis decided to bring this matter to the attention of our next Synod.

A committee, appointed at the last Classis, for the purpose of giving advice to a certain consistory, if they requested it, brought in a written report showing they had carried out their mandate.

Two brethren brought protest against a consistory, that at the former meeting of Classis had brought some rather serious accusations against them.

The decisions of Classis in the matter of these protests was as follows: that this consistory that came to the October meeting of Classis with serious accusations against these protestants, which were unfounded, which they did not at that time prove, which they do not now prove; and, that therefore Classis declares that these accusations are false and condemns the action of said consistory.

Classis further declares, that where this consistory could not prove these accusations, it is her Christian duty to admit this and to apologize to the protestants.

Two other protests against a consistory were read and answered by Classis. In this answer Classis pointed out, that both the consistory and the protestants were at fault.

Another protest against a committee of Classis was read. This protest was referred to this committee, who shall compose an answer and report to the next Classis.

Classis decided to grant the request of a certain consistory that asks for an ad­visory committee from the Classis.

A consistory asks for advice in regard to applying the second step of censure to a brother who neglects all the means of grace. Classis advised them to proceed with the second step of censure.

The stated clerk was instructed to thank the ladies for their catering serv­ices.

The next meeting of Classis will be held in Fuller Ave., the first Wednesday in April.

The minutes of the evening session are now read and accepted.

After the singing of Ps. 119:3, Rev. G. M. Ophoff led in the closing prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk