Rev. M. Schipper calls the meeting to order. After the singing of No. 128 from the Psalter, he reads Psalm 46 and leads in prayer.

The credentials are read and received, showing that ail the Churches are repre­sented and that the newly organized con­gregation of Randolph had sent her first delegates to Classis East.

After Classis is declared constituted, Rev. H. Veldman is called upon to pre­side. He speaks a word of welcome to all the delegates, but especially to the delegates of the newly organized con­gregation of Randolph.

The Formula of Subscription is signed by those who are present at the classis for the first time. The minutes of the previous meeting are read and adopted. The stated clerk reports that he had car­ried out the necessary correspondence and that he has thanked the catering committee for their services.

A letter from the Consistory of Byron Center is read. This letter gives various reasons why the advice of the previous Classis had not been carried out. A mo­tion to withdraw the advice of the pre­vious Classis, is defeated, which signifies that Classis adheres to its former de­cision in this matter.

Rev. H. Hoeksema requests that he be removed from the committee to Byron Center. This request is granted by Clas­sis; so that the committee is now com­posed of the four remaining members.

Rev. J. Heys is added to the committee that was appointed at the last Classis in re the protest of M. A. Hoeksema.

In answer to the advice of Classis, Hudsonville notifies the Classis that it is appealing its case to Synod. Hudson­ville is requested to present a copy of its appeal to the next Classis so that Classis will have opportunity to answer it at Synod.

Randolph asks that Classical appoint­ments be given them until next Classis. Classis decides to comply with this request. The chair appoints the following brethren to arrange a schedule for Classi­cal appointments: Rev. B. Kok and the elders G. Gritter and O. Faber. They later present the following schedule which is adopted by Classis:

Oct. 24 H. Veldman; Oct. 31 C. Hanko.

Nov. 7 R. Veldman; Nov. 14 G. Ophoff;

Nov. 21 J. De Jong; Nov. 28 L. Vermeer;

Dec. 12 M. Schipper; Dec. 19 A. Petter.

No appointments are given for Dec. 26 and Jan. 2, but Randolph is advised to request help from our Theological School for these dates.

Oak Lawn and Hope ask that their delegates be reimbursed for time lost by attending Classis according to a former decision of Classis.

The stated clerk is instructed to in­vestigate whether there is such a Classi­cal decision. He reports there is no Classical decision regarding reimburse­ment of Classical delegates. Classis de­cides to notify these consistories to that effect.

An elder who protests against a de­cision of his consistory is answered that Classis abides by the decision of his consistory.

A report of the Classical Committee is read. In it they advise subsidy for Randolph to the amount of $1,000.00 per year. Classis decides to recommend this amount to the Synodical Committee.

The minutes of the morning session are read and adopted. Classis decides to adjourn till 1:30. Elder N. Yonker closes with prayer.

The afternoon session is opened with the singing of Psalter No. 150 and pray­er by Rev. H. Veldman.

Mr. G. Korhorn, the alternate delegate from Hope, takes the place of Mr. D. Kooienga.

A protest of Mr. A. Hoeksema has been received by the stated clerk. Clas­sis decides to inform the protestant that if he wishes to come to Classis with a protest it must be a protest against his consistory and not against a committee of Classis.

The committee in re the publishing of devotional literature for the men in the armed services reports that it had pub­lished a booklet containing 44 brief medi­tations. Each minister in the Classis provided four meditations for this book­let. The committee had 500 copies print­ed, 214 of which have already been sent to the men in the army and 125 to the men in the navy. Those sent to the men in the army are bound in khaki and those sent to the men in the navy are bound in navy blue. The amount collected for this purpose is $365.83.

Classis gave the committee full power to act if they should deem it necessary to publish a second edition of this book­let. Classis also referred to the com­mittee the matter of the advisability of publishing another booklet of like na­ture concerning which matter they are to report to the next Classis.

Rev. H. Hoeksema and Rev. G. M. Ophoff were chosen as Church Visitors.

The next meeting of Classis will be held at Fuller Ave. Jan. 5, 1944.

From the report of the committee in re the protest of Mr. A. Hoeksema Classis adopted the following: That the Consistory and Deaconate were guilty of lack of merciful administration of funds. And further: That we advise the Consistory of South Holland to rec­tify their mal-administration of the of­fice of mercy with respect to Mr. A. Hoeksema.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked by the chair and an­swered by the various consistories.

A motion to adjourn carried. D. Jonker closed with a word of prayer.

D. JONKER, stated clerk.