Rev. A. Petter called the meeting to order. After the singing of No. 239 from the Psalter, he read a portion of Matthew 18 and led in prayer.

The credentials were read and receiv­ed, showing that all the churches (ex­cept one, where the pastor alone was present), were represented by two dele­gates.

After Classis is declared constituted, Rev. M. Schipper presides and Rev. A. Petter takes down the minutes. The president speaks a few words of wel­come and then asks those who are pre­sent for the first time at the Classis to sign the Formula of Subscription.

The minutes of the preceding classical meeting are read and adopted. The stat­ed clerk reports that he has carried out the necessary correspondence referred to in the minutes.

Referring back to these minutes where Classis had advised a certain consistory to straighten out matters between it and two members of the Classis, this consistory reports that it had carried out the advice of the classis to the mu­tual satisfaction of both parties.

A report of the committee to Byron Center in regard to the question of dissolving the congregation is received for information.

The advice of this committee was as follows:

“We advise Classis to ask the con­sistory of Byron Center to ask for a committee of Classis to labor with them in visiting those in Byron Center who have left the congregation but who have their papers in their possession, as well as those who have affiliated with other churches and are dissatisfied with their communion on account of the truth/’

This advice was adopted by the Classis.

A motion is made and adopted that the same committee be appointed to as­sist the consistory in this matter.

Rev. D. Jonker is given advisory vote.

The protest of Mr. A. Hoeksema, which could not be treated at the previous Classis because there was no answer from the consistory, is read again. The answer of the consistory is read and re­ceived for information.

In regard to Point 1 of this protest, Classis declares: that it lacks the ne­cessary evidence to sustain brother A. Hoeksema in his protest that his cen­sure be lifted.

Elder H. A. Van Putten registers his protest against this decision.

In regard to Point II Classis express­ed the following: The consistory did wrong in including the alleged neglect of church attendance as a ground of censure, since they had not yet suf­ficiently admonished him on this point.

In regard to Point III, Classis de­cides to put this matter into the hands of a committee, who shall come with their advice to the next Classis. The following committee was later appoint­ed: The Revs. P. De Boer, A. Petter and J. De Jong.

A consistory comes with a protest against a decision taken by the Classis in July. The answer of the Classis is as follows: That Classis insists that this consistory carry out the advice of the last Classis, since no evidence has been produced for not abiding by the Church Order.

The consistory of Holland protests against the decision of the previous Classis, nl. when Classis decided not to lift the censure of Mr. A. Hoeksema. The Rev. P. De Boer informs the Clas­sis that he does not agree with his consistory in this matter. Classis de­cides not to sustain the consistory of Holland in this matter.

The following overture from Fuller Ave. was adopted. That the classical decision be enforced in re instructions of a general nature which must be in the hands of the stated clerk within the stipulated time or be declared out of order by the Classis.

At the request of Roosevelt Park Classis decides to have the following notice placed in the published report of Classis. “Roosevelt Park comes to Clas­sis with the grievance that at recent Classical meetings some consistories are only partially represented and members of Classis leave the meetings without apparent legitimate excuse.”

The sermon committee reports that it has received requests for sermons, (to be read in vacant churches) that it can­not fill because the promised sermons are not forthcoming. Those who have not yet handed them in are urged to do so.

Classis instructs the stated clerk to thank the ladies for their catering ser­vices.

The next meeting of Classis will be held in Fuller Ave. the first Wednes­day in October.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked and satisfactorily an­swered.

The minutes are read and approved. Rev. P. De Boer leads in the closing prayer.

D. Jonker, stated clerk.