The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. W. Hofman. After the singing of No. 223 from the Psalter, he reads a few verses of Hebrews 12 and leads in prayer.

The credentials were read and received. Classis was then declared constituted. Classis asked Rev. De Wolf to take down the minutes seeing the president of the preceding Classis was not present.

Rev. G. M. Ophoff and D. Jonker were given advisory vote. The minutes of the previous Classical meeting were read and approved.

The reply of Hudsonville’s consistory did not prove to be satisfactory to Classis. Classis requests that Hudsonville show from their records that this matter has been properly taken care of.

The request of the Second Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids for classical appointments, was approved by Classis. A committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangements. The following schedule was adopted:

Second Church: July 15, Rev. J. A. Heys; July 22, Rev. H. De Wolf; July 29, Rev. W. Hofman; August 12, Rev. M. Gritters; August 19, Rev. G. Lubbers; August 26, Rev. M. Schipper; September 9, Rev. R. Veldman; September 16, Rev. H. Veldman; September 23, Rev. B. Kok; September 30, Rev. A. Petter.

The Classical Committee reported that they had examined the credentials of Rev. M. Schipper, who had accepted the call of South Holland, and that they found them in good order. They also reported that they had made a change in one of the Classical appointments for the Second Church of Grand Rapids.

Both Grand Haven and Oak Lawn had instructions in regard to needy Christian Brethren in the Netherlands.

Classis decided to appoint a committee to investigate the needs of the Christians in the Netherlands and to advise ways and means for our churches to help in these needs. It was also decided that this committee shall publish its findings so that the various consistories may receive the benefit of this information. Committee: Rev. A. Petter, Rev. J. De Jong and Elder E. Bylsma.

An instruction from Oak Lawn that Classis meet three times a year instead of four failed to meet with the approval of Classis.

The Consistory of Holland asked Classis to answer the following question:

“What was the status, at Classis, of what is now the Second Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids during the interim of her bankruptcy and recent admission as the Second Protestant Reformed Church?”

Classis answered, that the dissolution of her legal status had nothing to do with her ecclesiastical status in our Classis.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked and satisfactorily answered by the various Consistories.

Classis decided that the next meeting of Classis will be held at Fuller Ave. the first Wednesday in October.

A motion to adjourn carries.

After the singing of No. 150 from the Psalter, Rev. M. Gritters is asked to lead in closing prayer.

D. Jonker, Stated Clerk