This classis met in regular session Wednesday, July 12, at the Fuller Ave. Church in Grand Rapids. Rev. L. Ver­meer called the meeting to order, led the devotionals, received the credentials and declared the meeting constituted.

Rev. J. De Jong now presides and Rev. L. Vermeer takes down the min­utes. The Formula of Subscription is signed by those who are present at the classis for the first time.

The report of the Classical Committee in re the dissolution of Byron Center was read and received for information. The report showed that various matters had been taken care of: namely, the disposition of the church property, the annulling of the incorporation with the State of Michigan, the matter of the pastors salary, the giving of member­ship papers to the families of the con­gregation, and the turning over of the archives to the stated clerk of classis.

The report of the committee in re the rules for judging the legality of com­munications received at classis meetings was read and received for information; and further, Classis decided to have this report mimeographed and sent to the various consistories, who will report to the next classis.

The committee for Devotional Litera­ture for our boys in the service reports that a second booklet has been publish­ed and distributed to our boys; and that the meditations this time were written by the ministers of Classis West. They also reported that there is a balance on hand of $139.52.

Rev. G. M. Ophoff is given advisory vote. Fuller Ave. and Fourth Church request classical appointments. The fol­lowing committee was appointed to show up a schedule for classical appointments: The Rev’s B. Kok and G. Lubbers and elder J. Kok. This committee was also given the mandate to examine the cre­dentials of Rev. R. Veldman who accept­ed the call to the Fourth Church.

The following schedule was later adopted:—

Fuller Avenue: July 30, 1 & 4 Rev. J. De Jong; August 6, 2 & 3 Rev. C. Hanko; August 13, 1 & 4 Rev. J. Heys; August 20, 2 & 3 Rev. W. Hofman; August 27, 1 & 4 Rev. G. M. Ophoff; September 3, 2 & 3 Rev. B. Kok; Sep­tember 10, 2 & 4 Rev. A. Petter; Sep­tember 17, 2 & 3 Rev. R. Veldman; September 24, 1 & 4 Rev. L. Vermeer; October 1, 2 & 3 Rev. G. Lubbers. Fourth Church: July 16, Rev. W. Hof­man; July 23, Rev. H. Veldman; July 30, Rev. G. M. Ophoff; August 6, Rev. L. Vermeer; August 16, Rev. B. Kok.

This committee also reported that the credentials of Rev. R. Veldman were in good order and advised that in due time he be duly installed in his new charge; which report was adopted by classis.

Grand Haven comes with the follow­ing instruction: to overture Synod to advise the establishing of uniform request blanks for Baptism and to adopt the custom of issuing Baptismal Certifi­cates’ to parents of Baptized children.

A motion was made and adopted to thus overture Synod.

A consistory asks advice of classis in the matter of increasing the censure of four of its members. After addition­al light is shed on this matter by the consistory, classis decided to advise the increase of censure.

Mr. P. Zuidema was appointed by the classis to thank the ladies for their catering services.

The question of Article 44 of the church order are read and answered by the various consistories. In this con­nection, Roosevelt Park asks advice in the matter of accepting dismissal papers of someone who formerly was a mem­ber of one of our churches. Roosevelt Park is advised to accept these papers upon the confession that the member referred to walked in a disorderly way.

Classis decides to meet again in Fuller Avenue the first Wednesday of October, 1944.

The minutes are read and approved.

Upon motion classis decides to adjourn. After the singing of Holland Psalm 25:6, Rev. J. De Jong closed with prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk