The January meeting of Classis, held at Fuller Ave., was opened with the singing of No. 65 from the Psalter. Rev. B. Kok, who had charge of the opening exercises, read Psalm 25 and led in prayer. The credentials were read and accepted, showing that all the churches were represented at Classis. Classis is declared constituted and Rev. G. Lubbers is called upon to preside.

The delegates attending Classis for the first time sign the Formula of Subscription. The minutes of the preceding classical meeting are read and approved. Rev. G. M. Ophoff and D. Jonker are given advisory vote.

A communication from the consistory of Hudsonville is read and received for information. Classis now expresses that this communication reveals that Hudsonville has followed the advice of Classis.

The report of the committee, that was appointed at the last Classis for the purpose of studying the question involved in the matter of the protest of two brethren against their consistory, is read and received for information. Classis decided to table this matter until the following meeting of Classis.

The Stated Clerk reports that he has carried out the duties assigned to him and further he reports, that the Classical Diplomas will soon be sent to all the ministers that are entitled to them.

Oak Lawn comes to the Classis with a request that a Yearbook of our churches be compiled and published. Classis advised Oak Lawn that this is the work of Synod; and that, if they desire, they can overture Synod in re this matter.

Grand Haven requests classical appointments. This request is granted by Classis. The following committee is appointed to draw up a schedule for classical appointments: The Revs. J. A. Heys and W. Hofman and Elder J. Cammenga. The committee later presents the following schedule, which is adopted by Classis:

1. Rev. H. De Wolf, 2. Rev. M. Gritters,

3. Rev. G. Lubbers, 4. Rev. M. Schipper,

5. Rev. R. Veldman, 6. Rev. H. Veldman,

7. Rev. B. Kok, 8. Rev. J. D. De Jong,

9. Rev. S. Cammenga, 10. Rev. J. Heys

11. Rev. W. Hofman.

Classis decides that these appointments will be filled in the order given and that Grand Haven is to notify the ministers when they are expected there.

A consistory requests advice of Classis in re the second step of censure for a member of the congregation. After the consistory sheds some light on this matter, a motion is made to advise the consistory to proceed with the censure, but this motion does not carry.

The report of the Church Visitors, showing that the condition of our churches on the whole is good, is read and received and the recommendations of the committee were adopted by Classis.

The committee in re Netherlands Relief gives a brief report of its labors and reads a letter from Mr. H. Van der Wilde of Rotterdam. This report is received for information. Classis decides to ask Rev. J. D. De Jong to answer the letter of Mr. H. Van der Wilde expressing our approval of their method of distributing the goods sent for relief. Classis later decided that this committee should be continued. Rev. B. Kok was appointed to serve in this committee instead of Rev. A. Petter, who is soon leaving for Classis West.

The Classical Committee reports that they had approved the papers of Rev. S. Cammenga, who had accepted the call to the Second Church of Grand Rapids.

Mr. R. Ezinga thanked the ladies of Fuller Ave. for their excellent catering services.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked of the various consistories and answered to the satisfaction of Classis. Grand Haven has a question in this connection, asking whether it is obligatory to re-install officebearers who succeed themselves. Classis answers this question in the affirmative.

The next meeting of Classis will be held the first Wednesday in April at Fuller Ave.

The minutes are read and approved. Rev. G. Lubbers, as president of Classis, addresses a few words of farewell to Rev. A. Petter, who has accepted the call from Orange City, Iowa. After the singing of No. 356 of the Psalter, Rev. R. Veldman closes this session of Classis with prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk.